Friday, 6 May 2011

What was Obama watching in the Situation room?

Here is the now famous picture of President Barack Hussein Obama II in the Situation Room of the White House on 1 May 2011 watching the live action film of the US Navy Seals assault on Osama bin Laden's residence in Pakistan. Apparently the Seals had web cams strapped to their heads and live images were relayed back to the Whitehouse so that Obama could watch Osama killed in real time. Also present at this historic and momentous occasion were Vice President Joe Biden, Defence Secretary Robert Gates, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (burping after too much coke), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen, National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, and Counter-Terrorism chief John Brennan.

Toxic drums has irrefutable evidence and indeed undeniable proof that this is a sham. Toxic Drums has used its advanced cyber enhancement applications to reveal the true content of the video. By enlarging and re-rendering the reflections in various objects around the room exclusive images of what they were really watching have been uncovered.

It transpires they were actually watching a pirated version of V For Vendetta directed by James McTeigue and starring Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman.

Below is one frame taken from an enlarged and enhanced reflection from President Obama's left eye. It clearly shows a reflection of V in his tell-tale Guy Fawkes mask made even more famous by the internet meme Anonymous. Anonymous are perhaps best known for their involvement in the cyber attacks, known as Operation Payback, on the terrorist groups Amazon, MasterCard, PayPal and Visa when they tried to silence the WikiLeaks voice of freedom back in December 2010.

You can clearly see the truth for yourself and we have no reason here to make up fictitious stories to fool the public. There is no underlying agenda like making money from Google Ads. We are not in the business of treating the public as saps, goofs or gullible idiots. We respect our visitors and would not lie to them on moral grounds as well as the fact that we have no hidden agenda. It is really really true. President Obama and Hilary Clinton were watching V For Vendetta and you heard it first on Toxic Drums. We also have pictures proving that they had pizza before the film but we are not going to reveal those because it might offend gnomes and anyway we have chucked the evidence in the fish tank out of respect. We are now going to invade Iran. Woops - Did I type that out loud? Was the keyboard on?

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  1. I am quite possibly the only person on Planet Earth that really likes that movie....or so I thought!!!!