Sunday, 10 November 2013

Bitcoins and rhinos

Blogs eh!?  What to do with them.  Some people write seriously investigative and revealing articles that are interesting enough to read and you feel you have learnt something at the end of it.  Me - I sometimes write interesting stuff but more often than not it is a ramble or a tirade of abuse or a surreal rampage but, to me, some are worth reading and some are not.  I can never tell which are the best until later.

HOWEVER - This time I have a few important gems to share.

Here is the Max Keiser Report (episode 521) for 8 November 2013.  It is worth a watch. One nice quote from Max "Gold, silver and bitcoin are, to the banksters, what crucifixes and garlic are to vampires."

And on the subject of democracy and the false presentation of reality via our media networks he mentioned the Million Mask March saying "Just this week we had the 'Million Masked March' which was replicated all over the world.  Thousands of people on the streets.  It wasn't on the BBC which is the main media outlet in this country.  It wasn't on their main story for their main network.  It wasn't even on their local London news.  It wasn't covered at all."

He was also talking to Zac Goldsmith, a (Conservative - eek) Member of Parliament for Richmond Park who, on the subject of the 'Economics of Extinction' said "We had evidence in parliament the other day from a Chinese lady who said that there are investment companies, now, who hoard Rhino horns for exactly the same reasons, and there are people who suspect them for being behind some of the killings we seen because, obviously, wipe out the rhino in the wild, their stock is worth an absolute fortune."

If you have watched the video you will know that Zac Goldsmith has an HM Government e-petition to "Introduce a proper Recall mechanism for MPs" which needs signing.  Did you get that?  It NEEDS signing.

More information here...
The Steeple Times: Total Recall - Zac Goldsmith MP launches petition

And the PETITION is here -->

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Why NOT kill the disabled?

I just love the internet.  I am beginning to love it more and more all the time.  In the very early days I believed it was a good thing.  I saw its potential for being Stage 2 of the printing press.  Given that the printing press gave more people more access to more information and the results seemed productive for the health and well being of more people my guess was that the internet would have a similarly profound effect.  So far I am not disappointed.

Many people think the internet is dangerous.  Children are spending all their time playing games on the internet.  Society is breaking down because of the internet.  Pornography is on the rampage because of the internet.  Terrorism flourishes because of the internet.  People no longer know what to believe because of the internet.  International espionage and cyber warfare are flourishing.  Identity theft, financial scams, cyber bullying, information overload, and monetizing of the mindless masses by malicious multinational megaliths.

In the early days of financial transaction on the internet many people wouldn't buy things over the internet because they were afraid it was not secure.  They were afraid someone could just take their money and never supply the goods.  It seemed impersonal and therefore less secure.  There were many cases of internet theft and deception.  A web site could simply get your card details and then do stuff like use your details to buy stuff.  Little did most people realise that this was being done regularly in the physical world.  You gave your card to the retailer who ran it through the machine and kept a copy for their records.  Those copies were sometimes used illegally by criminals.  And research indicated that the percentage rate of fraud on the internet was one tenth of that in the physical world.  Internet relationships are also believed to be risky but research indicates that the percentage success rate is far higher than in the real world.  There is lots of misinformation on the internet but I would estimate there is more misinformation available through conventional media.

And here is an example of something only available to me in the internet age which I am so glad has some air time (so to speak).

Once upon a time there was a deputy mayor who wanted to chop off the heads of little children.  No - it was not Herod (he was a king, not a mayor) that bloke who ordered the death of newborns for fear of a prophesy that one of them may usurp his throne.  Neither was it that God (he was a God, not a mayor) who in the Book of Exodus allegedly said "About midnight I will go throughout Egypt. Every firstborn in Egypt will die..." all because he wanted to upset the Pharaoh.  No, it was as a British Conservative Party member called Owen Lister.  He "allegedly" said of disabled children "I would guillotine them."  He went on to elucidate saying "These are children you can't educate. It's merely a matter of caring for them until they die." and "The only difference between a terminally ill patient and a severely handicapped child is time.(A reference: TORY DEPUTY MAYOR: THE BEST THING FOR DISABLED CHILDREN IS THE GUILLOTINE)

Well this is shocking enough and if you have doubts about its authenticity then do a "Google" search with the words "deputy mayor owen lister".

Then the good person Kanjin Tor popped this picture on his Facebook timeline.

Which draws attention to the sinister policies of the government to kill off the disabled population of the UK.  I will make no apology here for accusing the government of such a policy nor will I attempt to make it more palatable to the frightened somnambulists who are still hanging on to the excuse that this gaggle of suited politicians couldn't possibly do such a thing in this day and age.  It is an excuse to imagine that it was nasty men in jackboots who did malicious and evil things.  In their time the Nazis were appealing to the preferred respectable image.  So is David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith and Grant Shapps and George Osborne and Theresa May and Vince Cable and Michael Gove and Chris Grayling and the list goes on but these are just a few that spring to mind.  They wouldn't get away with it if they wore Charlie Chaplin moustaches and swastikas.  They are getting away with it by pretending to be caring.  But it is clearly a pretence because they continue with draconian policies that any numbskull can see through.

And I recalled stuff that I wrote about on a blog entitled Genetic manipulation and included a Nazi Party poster which was significantly milder that Owen Lister's remarks:

Translation: "60,000 Reichsmark is what this person suffering from a hereditary defect costs the People's community during his lifetime. Fellow citizen, that is your money too. Read 'New People', the monthly magazine of the Bureau for Race Politics of the NSDAP."

It is a chilling realisation that the Conservative Party are on the same genocidal mission that has happened so often in history.  It is a chilling realisation that there is NO DIFFERENCE between any of the electable Parties at present.  Are we going to stop it this time? So, due to the internet, we get the chance to see what is really going on...  So I love the internet;  Because it gives us a chance.  Whether people will take that chance is another matter.  I happen to believe they will in spite of the apparent scale of mindless somnambulism out there.