Saturday, 12 April 2014

Where have the freemasons gone?

I saw the following post on Facebook which included the text:

Derbyshire councillors walkout after motion suggesting they should declare if they are Freemasons....Speaks volumes....... 'Secret Associations' ensure Paedophilia continues, Corruption continues, Carpetbagging continues, Quisling factors continue, Traitors continue, Lies continue.... BULLYING Continues.....

It seemed from the automatic post on Facebook that the BBC page had a headline:
Charge over stabbed woman's murder
An 18-year-old man is charged with the murder of a woman who died from stab wounds in Derby.

I clicked the link

...but when I saw the page the headline was:
Derby stabbing: Mateusz Kosecki, 18, charged with murder
An 18-year-old man has appeared in court charged with the murder of a woman in Derby.

This was different and there was no mention of the walkout over freemasonry.
I loaded the source for the page and searched. There was no mention of 'freemason' anywhere.

I checked out the date and time of the article and in the source code for the page it said:

<meta name="OriginalPublicationDate" content="2014/04/11 12:45:46"/>

and yet on the rendered page I was looking at it had, at the top, 11 April 2014 Last updated at 13:45 which is one hour after it was originally published.

So I did a search on Google for "Derby councillors walkout freemason" and the BBC page was the first in the search results

So Google had obviously crawled this page some time previously and found the content to include the sequence of words "over freemasonry that led to a walkout by conservative councillors in Derbyshire"

The question is "Where have the freemasons gone?"
Or, if you are a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean "Why is the Rum Gone?"