Thursday, 29 June 2017


Sir Martin Moore-Bick to head Grenfell Inquiry?

Let's just have a little think about this.  I've seen too much of it before.  I respect authority.  I was brought up immersed in Roman Catholicism.  I respect authority like Jesus did.  Hypocrites garnished with outward signs of worldly authority are, to paraphrase Jesus, like whitewashed graves, pretty on the outside but full of death and decay on the inside.

I am confident that Sir Martin Moore-Bick is nothing more than a whitened sepulchre.  Do not misunderstand me; I have every sympathy for him and his efforts to varnish his image in the eyes of a God that he has perceived through his own tragically corrupt and myopic vision.  I am confident that he has expended great effort to be good in the eyes of an oppressor that he has mistakenly interpreted to be a benign God.  He is precisely theologically a devotee of Satan.  And as such I am sorry for his soul and his eternal damnation.

I have spent the best part of my life struggling to understand the apparent paradox of believing in a God who will not reveal himself and conveniently provides a fallen angel in the form of Satan who is so clever he could fool anyone.  I have represented this metaphor in my imagination as me drowning in the sea and being offered a rope to cling to from an unseen source.  Roman Catholicism (as with many organised religions) presents the case that God is offering a rope and all I have to do is trust the Lord and grab the rope.  But it is also implicit in the theology that I could not tell the difference between a rope offered by a benign God and a rope offered by Satan himself.  A veritable paradox it would seem.

I am happy to report that I have resolved the paradox.  It is not so easy for me to convey that perception in a post on the internet or I would be here to save the world and all souls in it.  But it is clear to me that anyone who damages another soul is destined for the ravages of hell fire.  There is a subtle issue to be understood here and it is that the act of damaging another soul is not the same as an interaction which results in harm to another.  If you are forced into an inevitable conflict and you struggle and those harming you are harmed then it is not you who have harmed them because they manufactured the situation in which they became harmed.  There is, to simplify it, every difference between defending what is right against the imposed forces of evil and interfering with an innocent soul for the purposes of self gratification and aggrandizement.  If you approach others in need for the sole purpose of benefiting from their plight then you are nothing more than a soulless cadaver.

I might speculate that the resolution of the drowning man allegory may lie in the notion that you are already provided with the wherewithal to swim.  It is only fear that leads you to reach out for external help and distracts you from the inner knowledge that you can swim.  Any attempt to rely on a magic or imaginary solution such as a rope from an unknown source is destined to failure.  It is not a gamble, it is a most certain failure.  You are, so to speak, in the water to swim.  If you find a way to fail yourself and not swim then you have failed.  It is almost as obvious as a simple equation.

To bring this back to Sir Martin Morbid and Grenfell Tower there is no amount of pretentious pondering and sycophantic pontificating which is going to render a satisfactory resolution to this, as yet, incomprehensible issue.  There is no external hierarchical authority that is going to fix this for the traumatised, dismayed, and confused collective masses.  There is no mileage in making a bargain with authoritarians to save our sorry souls.  There is only us.  The resolution resides in all of us and we cannot abdicate our personal human responsibility to others as if making them responsible for our lives allows us to continue to play in gay abandon believing they will protect us from ourselves.  They will not and they cannot.  All we are doing is grabbing the rope to avoid swimming and there lies the inevitable failure, the bargain with the devil, the loss of our own souls.

It is clear to the objective observer that the Grenfell disaster is the consequence of a flawed social structure.  It is immediately clear that any resolution resides in correcting that failed system.  This is not about revolution but rather revelation.  Not one of us can count ourselves as guiltless in this most dreadful manifest consequence of humanity's worst excesses.  All of us kowtow to an illusory external authority.  It is part of the very ingredients by which we arrive.  We are born vulnerable and dependent.  We absolutely rely on the efforts of others to help us grow and develop into autonomous, responsible, powerful, creative, compassionate, human adults.  Every irresponsible act as an adult towards a child or anyone vulnerable is a transgression of the natural laws by which we are bound.  There is no bargain to be made with God (using the theological allegorical construct).  God simply is.  That is how things are.  The only swapping of power, the only shifting of responsibility, to be had is against the balance of nature and, as such, with Satan.

As adults we are obliged to take personal responsibility for the society and culture in which we live.  We must collectively alter the arrangement and hierarchy of our society.  It is perfectly serviceable to have representatives whilst they are entirely vetted by the collective spirit.  It can never work to hand power over to others to rule over us.  It is not even in the nature of the beast to be able to handle that responsibility.  No small limited set of humans could ever be responsible for all others.  We can no longer tolerate this extreme distortion of power.  Every one of us is responsible for opposing abuse and oppression whenever we encounter it.  It is always easier if it is done piecemeal as we encounter it than when we allow it to get so far out of control that we have a tiny set of elite oligarchs looking after their own interests under the auspices of a hideously distorted and illusory edifice of constructed power.

There is a groundswell of intelligence rising through the hearts of the people that can lead us out of the fabricated materialistic intellectualised illusions of our abusive hierarchy.  In Britain the crest of the wave is currently in the Labour Party as led by Jeremy Corbyn.  It is not Corbyn who will lead us out of this mess, it is what he espouses and we must all understand it.  He is just the vessel resonating that which is good in all of us.  We must relieve these lost souls of the Tories and neoliberals from the burden of their own corruption.  We are not here to save their souls, they are already lost, we are here to sweep them and their ideas from the face of the earth.  If we want Grenfell to render a better future, if we want to honour the dead and the traumatised of Grenfell, if we want their lives and their suffering to mean something creative and good, then we must end this tyrannical and abusive attitude in society.

Join the Labour Party.  Talk to people.  Ignore the bullshit headlines designed to traumatise your very soul.  And if you are confused and don't understand something then look it up on the internet and solve that first puzzle in your mind for yourself.  Don't leave it to the media to lie to you.  Be active, be responsible, be creative, and you will have a happier life as well as improving the culture around you.  We have to reconstruct our cultural base, our youth centres, our libraries, our health and social welfare facilities, our education system, and our collective resources from the desolate wasteland of destruction caused by Neoliberalism and these materialistic, profit driven, Tory bastards.

Mr Sir Fucknut Morbidity himself neither can nor will render anything meaningful from his sanctimonious ivory tower of self delusion.  All he will offer is a few scapegoats and some thinly veiled excuse for why the rich and powerful were not to blame.

But there is a better future in sight now, and we must not fail to grasp it with extreme urgency.  There can be no lull, no moment to rest, no evasion of responsibility.  The elite are a wounded monster and as such they must be defeated now before they have the chance to run amok in their terror and their death throes and finally lay waste to humanity.

As Corbyn quoted Shelly at Glastonbury 2017: "Rise like lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number, shake your chains to earth like dew, which in sleep had fallen on you – ye are many, they are few."

Saturday, 10 June 2017



What cannot be understood by the control freaks, the authoritarians, the ruling class, or the general mass of unthinking people is that it is possible for people to actually think for themselves.  More than anything else Jeremy Corbyn's success is based on the fact that he represents other people's ideas.  He is not coming up with ideas that suit himself or an elite minority and telling people what to think.  He is not trying to persuade people to agree with him.  He offers thoughts and ideas rather than attempting to coerce, cajole, manipulate or otherwise force his ideas onto other people.

What is so unique about Corbyn is that he thinks deeply about things and stands up for what he believes in.  What is so unique about this current Labour surge is that there are millions upon millions of people in Britain who can think for themselves and this is the first time there is someone in politics who genuinely represents the main thrust of their own ideas.  This is a complete inversion of the normal hierarchical model of politics.  The only reason Labour are doing so well is because so many millions of people are beginning to connect with other thinking people.  This could be the beginnings of an intelligent community rather than just an intelligent elite.

Something like 80% of Labour intelligentsia could not understand this and considered Corbyn a liability.  They are still confused because they haven't yet grasped that it is not about them; it is about the millions of thinking, caring, responsible, motivated people in this country.  They cannot grasp the fact that Corbyn represents the genuine main stream grassroots views.  They still don't understand that it is not a case of persuading people to think in a particular way but rather about availing them of the opportunity to think for themselves and to have a voice.

This is why May and her cohorts cannot survive.  This is why they, the control freaks, the arrogant elitists, the sanctimonious hypocritical authoritarians, resort more and more to methods of control like deception, trickery, force, laws, rules, censorship, oppression, and violence to assert their will over other people.  They have been broken by authoritarianism and can see no other way to be right than to conform to some perceived and projected authority born of their childhood.  They don't have a core belief, only a core compulsion to conform.  Tragically this is pathological and they cannot break free because they believe they will die if they do.  This is deeply psychologically true.

A favourite quote of mine is from that weird story about a guy called JC.  I like the version in the King James Bible of 1611 where Matthew reports that JC said "But who so shall offend one of these little ones which beleeue in me, it were better for him that a milstone were hanged about his necke, and that hee were drowned in the depth of the Sea."  He wasn't talking about his egocentric self when he said "beleeue in me", he was talking about the spiritual "me" in each and every one of us.  He was talking about the core human harmony with the universe in which it exists.  He was talking about what all of us know from birth but are too often tragically distracted from by external oppression.

This Labour victory is about fundamental freedom.  Freedom from oppression.  Freedom to be who we are.  Freedom to rise to our greatest potential.  Freedom to be the sensitive, compassionate, intelligent, responsible, and creative creatures that we are.  With true freedom humans are the most beautiful creatures on this planet.  Without freedom they are the most hideous and dangerous creatures on this planet.  Humans, without doubt, are the most powerful of all known living creatures.  They have the power to become the very best of creation and to change the world.  All attempts to oppose that freedom can only ultimately result in failure.