Sunday, 11 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo assault is the inevitable consequence of abuse.

I find it tragic that so many people don't seem to understand what is going on in the world today.

There are so many comments about the Charlie Hebdo "terrorist" attack on 7 January but so few people seem to realise we are all involved.  We have a hierarchical culture which is compelled to maintain itself and relies exclusively on oppression and abuse.  When Tony Blair and George Bush conspire to attack millions of people in Iraq on a blatant set of lies and we fail to hold them responsible and accept the "benefits" we are party to an unsustainable and unacceptable hierarchy of abuse.  David Cameron is guilty of sustaining and promoting that abuse.  Ian Duncan Smith repeatedly lies and abuses the population quite illegally and in spite of the judicial system making it blatantly clear no one does anything about it.  Benjamin Netanyahu is a proven liar who repeatedly and flagrantly flouts international law with impunity and causes unendurable suffering and destruction of the beauty of life itself.  But no one holds these people to account.

Our conscious mental image of the world, our intellectual understanding, is the story we construct to make coherent sense of our experience.  It is always flawed in some way but the real evil of abuse is that it perverts that comprehension and consequently causes aberrant interaction with reality.  The fact that some people use one philosophical construct or another to make sense of their broken world is the inevitable result of the injustice and warped interpretation that we perpetuate with our culture of abuse.

So it happens to be "Islam" that explains how God, or Allah, has created this sublime reality of life and all aberrant behaviour that destroys it with impunity is the most profound affront to creation and God himself.  So it gets used to explain the pain and the bewilderment.  Sometimes it is Christianity and sometimes it is Judaism but these Abrahamic religions are profound insights into the ways of the world and possibly too profound for the majority to fully understand.  On account of their inherent hierarchical structure they are almost inevitably party to the abuse.  Just to put this into context for the people who want to think but don't quite get it, Jesus was a Jew who effectively exposed that whilst some will lord it over others with hypocritical moral oppression the story of God was valid only with justice for all.  He stood against the hierarchy of control.  But "Christianity" today protects itself with a hierarchy of abuse and control.  Islam is essentially the same but with what appears to be the profound insight that we all have a moral responsibility to oppose injustice and abuse.  It is not good enough to sit passively by saying "It has nothing to do with me."  That some people who are at their wits end confronted by the totally self destructive catastrophe that human culture is currently wrecking on planet Earth and humanity resort to shooting people who scoff at their God is the inevitable consequence of the injustice we all accept every day of our lives.

For God's sake people stop protecting the authoritarian hierarchy.  Bring it to account.  It is the most grotesque irony that the likes of David Cameron and Benjamin Netanyahu are marching in solidarity in France when you consider it is they who oppose justice and free expression in the extreme.  Cameron even announced at the UN that people who dissent from the official line on events like 9/11 and 7/7 are "non violent terrorists" and must be stopped at all costs.  Well I dissent from the disgusting trope that this attack on Charlie Hebdo is the terrorist assault on free speech that the real oppressors and murderers purport it to be.  It is, in fact, the inevitable aberrant behaviour caused precisely by the oppression and abuse by Western powers against mainly Muslim communities and countries around the world.  I hold Benjamin Netanyahu, and the many others like him, responsible for causing this tragic catastrophic behaviour by terminally abused and damaged people.

To put it intellectually:  If you go on fucking with people don't be surprised when one day they finally fuck you back.

It is NOT Islam that caused this tragic event, it is NOT Christianity that caused America to rape and murder Iraq, it is NOT Judaism that causes the state of Israel to commit some of the most barbarous acts against the Palestinians.  It is allowing authoritarians to leverage punitive "justice" against the population whilst not being held to the same "justice" themselves.  It is the culture of abuse that we perpetuate that will inevitably result in the degradation and destruction of humanity.