Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Swedish Prosecutor's Office commits crime against Julian Assange!

Fortunately, at the moment, the flailing machinations of the elite in power around the world are proving farcical. Julian Assange was accused on Friday 20 Aug 2010 by the Swedish Prosecutor's Office of rape and molestation. It was stated that he would be arrested. Then the Prosecutor's Office dropped the charges on Saturday morning (21 Aug 2010) saying he is "no longer wanted" and "is not suspected of rape".

Apparently Swedish media reported that two women had made allegations against Julian Assange but that in itself sounds like a fudge on the grounds that it would be very rash to immediately make a public statement and to issue a warrant for an arrest without some investigation. Maybe they assumed they could get someone to testify against him for enough dosh but spoke too soon and failed. What could that have been about? The attempts to accuse WikiLeaks and Julian Assange of anything are getting ridiculous. The American Government and its supposed allies around the globe are in a serious panic. There has been no explanation of the accusation simply a retraction. It is a smear campaign attempt I guess. But it is so rash and impulsive and inappropriate it is clearly bizarre and hopefully has quite the reverse effect. To accuse someone of rape in order to blacken their name, upset or frighten them, to disrupt their life, to create an inconvenience of significant proportion is a genuine assault on them. It is simply a crime. Who is going to now deal with that crime. The prosecutor's office should be made to compensate Assange and WikiLeaks for this assault. But I guess that really would be expecting too much.

Just more appalling behaviour by that hierarchy of judgemental oppression that governs the world. If only the people at the top would hold themselves to the same values that they impose on others.

CNN incredulous newsreaders ...