Tuesday, 29 November 2011

TESCO do it again! 0.25p per kg of rice.

How do they do it?  Last week they sold me a 4 kilogram bag of long grain rice for 4p.  This week they sold me six 4 kilogram bags of rice for 6p.  Not 6p each but 1p each! That's 0.25p per kilogram. (It should have been 0.1p per kilogram but I didn't argue the point when the man told me his till wouldn't process that.) Unbelievable though it may seem I have written it up on the Toxic Drums web site where you can see the receipt for yourself.

I guess it is a kind Universe sometimes.  My life is an utter wreck and my financial situation (if it can be called that) is disastrous.  But 10 days ago Tesco excelled - well the Universe did because I don't suppose Tesco meant to.  And then I visited them last night and they dropped the price even more.  I am now looking forward to shopping in Tesco next week to see what amazing bargains they can come up with next.


  1. many of us will be eating rice in the future

  2. Fukushima rice is on special offer, we hear from Japan...

  3. What you should do is stock up when the price is great. The only Tesco store in my area is a convenience store/gas station.

    My life is an utter wreck and my financial situation (if it can be called that) is disastrous.

    Sorry to hear that, according to so called experts I'm fucking dirt poor because I live on less than 12 thousand dollars a year in American money but for some reason I don't seem to notice that.

    I have all I want to eat, I'm warm and dry, I do a lot of camping and boating and if I want another tool I just buy it. Hell, I have tools I've never used.

    And I just tucked another four hundred dollars away for some future want, like another outboard motor. I'm doing something wrong or everyone else is.

    On the bright side you can still afford high speed internut. :-)

  4. Even better! I'm getting 40 bottles of beer for 20 quid here!!!....and don't mention the vodka....1 litre for a tenner!!!!

    I believe in heaven again!!!...;-)

  5. That wasn't the rice they just harvested from near Fukoshima is it? I hear it's getting "glowing" reviews.

  6. Demeur I have to say that since I have been eating quite a lot of it I do get a nice warm glowing feeling in the evenings.

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