Thursday, 27 June 2013

Twinkies and the American economy.

It was the phrase "... the fat slob, Twinkie eating, bozos of America don't have enough money to fight their wars any more." that grabbed my attention.  It was so sweet - like those Twinkies I guess - that I couldn't resist eating listening to some more.

It was an interview with Max Keiser on RT and Bill Dod was asking Max about the connection between the collapsing bond market and the Edward Snowdon affair.  This is a transcribed excerpt of Max Keiser talking to Bill Dod of RT (aka Russia Today) TV network.

"It's very telling that the foreign minister of Ecuador said that you're talking about us extraditing Edward Snowdon;  What about bringing back those bankers we asked you to bring back to Ecuador who we caught rigging and terrorising our market.  What about the Icelandic bankers who have been asked by the government of Iceland to be extradited back to Iceland that are being held in the UK.  What about these other instances where banking terrorists are being sheltered in the US and the UK and they are not responding to extradition agreements.  So this is all about financial [legislature(?)] Bill.  Unfortunately the fat slob, Twinkie eating, bozos of America don't have enough money to fight their wars any more so they have to resort to snooping, data gathering and market manipulation."

He goes on to say

"Look at the bond market today Bill;  It's selling off pretty spectacularly all over the world because  confidence in the American hologram of finance is collapsing.  They've flipped the switch.  They see that the emperor has no clothes.  There's no underlying economic activity to support the military occupations and financial occupations that are emanating from the US.  GAME OVER Bill.  It's GAME OVER!"

That sums it up so well that I am now a dedicated fan of Max Keiser.  I always rated him but felt he had a tendency to get over excited and a bit elaborate.  This transcription revealed, for me, the amazing succinctness of his message.  He gets what it might take another person an hour to say said in three minutes.

You can watch the whole interview (4 mins 43 secs) here:

I would say that humanity is at a profound crossroad and it has to choose but that is not enough.  It simply cannot continue with the self-contradictory nonsense of the authoritarian, dictatorial, hierarchical, self-serving, self destructive paradigms that are dished out by ridiculous self serving bullies.  So there is no choice really - Humanity will change.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Is Cameron behind the Child Porn?

Was this David Cameron arriving at the Grove Hotel in Watford for the secret Bilderberg meeting behind a headline of CHILD PORN TEACHER IS ALLOWED BACK IN THE (BILDERBERG MEETING/GUEST BEDROOMS/CLASSROOM)?  What did it say on that paper?  Why was he reading it so intently?  What are they doing in there?

It would be a farce except it is so serious.  There was an article on the Guardian web site entitled David Cameron to attend Bilderberg group meeting and I decided to leave a comment.  I was interested later to note it had been 'recommended several times.  So for your perusal and enjoyment I have included it here.

Unfortunately this is far more serious than a joke.  People are going to die in revolutions around the world as a result of these clandestine machinations by our "elected(?)", "democratic(?)" "representatives(?)".  It is too disgusting to make light of.  They are lying in our face and virtually no one cares.  The most profound proverbial is currently hitting the fan.  And, to top it off, if they don't like this comment they will simply erase it!  What a lovely brave new world we are living in.  Just go to basefuk and twitter and amuse yourself to death - that appears to be the idea.  How can the statement "Downing Street said it was acting in an open manner by publicising the prime minister's attendance in advance." be allowed?  It is, in your face, lies. They haven't in the past, they weren't going to now, but having been caught they pretend they are 'admitting' it but they still won't either publicize what "our representative" not "our ruler" is saying.  This is a more clandestine, more insidious, and far more dangerous ruling elite than Hitler's Third Reich.  Don't believe me?  You won't have to wait long to find out if "WE" don't "DO" something about it.  But, hey, it might just be too late so maybe we prefer the anaesthesia of inyourbootface social mastication.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I am NOT amused!

So the day went on and I got more and more depressed; With this Bilderberg meeting and WikiLeaks.

Check out these amusing and interesting as well as informative articles by Charlie Skelton for the Guardian: The week ahead: Bilderberg 2013 comes to … the Grove hotel, Watford
Bilderberg 2013: welcome to 1984

The problem seems too much like the complaint to the Children Services;  No one cares.  Then Dad wanted to go shopping then I played Go and got bored and I revisited the WikiLeaks website and read all about the disgusting illegal behaviour of the mega companies and the American right wing politicians and I found this video.  It cheered me up...

But how I wish people would take this seriously.  Very few people read this blog and so it feels as if I am pissing in the wind but if all of us don't start objecting to the illegitimate behaviour of these mechanistic, self-serving, abusive and illegal companies and practises there seems only one way the world is going.  I was going to refer to George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four but then I thought maybe Aldous Huxley's Brave New World might be more appropriate so I went to Wikipedia to contemplate the issues and found the following excerpt from the foreword of  Neil Postman's 1985 book entitled Amusing Ourselves to Death.

What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egotism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy. As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny "failed to take into account man's almost infinite appetite for distractions." In 1984, Orwell added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we fear will ruin us. Huxley feared that our desire will ruin us.

I feel much inclined to refer to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World - We are amusing ourselves to death.  But if that is the way you want it I can recommend being amused by Roger Water's brilliant album Amused to Death.

Killer robots and Motorola identity pills

So Motorola has come up with this good idea of a pill or a tattoo which is a personal identification device and you won't need to remember another password to get on the internet or access your bank account.  They will even have the ability to locate you geographically.  Just imagine; If you get kidnapped they can rush in and rescue you - How lovely.

From The Sydney Morning Herald Forgot your password? Just take a pill

From The Huffington Post Passwords In Tattoos And Pills? Motorola Announces Plans For Wearable Tech (VIDEO)

They have even reported it on the Children's BBC called CBBC Motorola's password in a pill and electronic tattoo

And you can search for it on Google.  You know - that search engine whose philosophy was "Do No Evil" but don't worry they changed that.  Hang on a minute who owns Motorola?  Did I read somewhere that Google had bought Motorola?  Oh yes - in 2011 Google bought Motorola for about 12 billion dollars.  Now who is the senior vice president of advanced technology and projects at Motorola?  It wouldn't be a nice young girl who was the first female director of DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) which, although they developed the internet and cloud computing, they are also responsible for developing t Agent Orange, micro air vehicles and killer robots?  Oops yes it's that lovely Regina E. Dugan.  So hang on a minute - Google owns the company that employs an ex-director of DARPA and they are now developing a pill to identify you.

You have to realise that Eric E. Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google Inc. is in a secret meeting this weekend with 140 other influential world figures at the Grove Hotel in Watford.  You might ask if it is secret how I know about it.  For over 50 years this organisation, the Bilderberg Group, has been having illegal secret meetings.  It is only in the last few years that, largely due to the information age, they have been unavoidably exposed.  But their agenda remains secret and that is illegal too.  Now that they have been exposed they are pretending that they have never been secret.  They have even created their own web site as if nothing is wrong at The Bilderberg Meetings - The Official Website. This behaviour is clearly deceptive and dangerous.  The 'official' list is now available on the internet at many places including the Telegraph. but there are reasonable grounds to assume that there are at least 20 unannounced attendees including Bill Gates who is coincidentally flying into London this weekend.

So I will let you work out for yourself whether this Motorola pill is consumer driven or control driven and I will show you a video that you won't believe.  This guy went out and asked Americans to sign a petition to support the Holocaust Celebrations.  He explained to people on the street (in America) that the Jews liked to celebrate the Holocaust with beach parties where they would have competitions to see how many people they could bury in the sand and how they loved to roast pork on the beach too.  These American citizens swallowed it all (not the pork) and would happily sign the petition.  You don't believe me?  Take a look.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What conspiracy?

So there I am, getting up and getting on with the world.  I dip into this and that and the other and before I know it my mind space is like my desk space and my room space; a complete jumbled mess.

Monsanto:  The first thing to note about Monsanto is that there is a scandal currently doing the rounds about their genetically modified wheat being found in non genetically modified wheat fields.  I recall from years ago that there was a lot of controversy about the potential uncontrollable consequences of their business activities.  The thing that strikes me most about these controversies is that the alarm bells ring when they illegitimately try to hush things up or falsely deny things that are clearly happening.  For me it is one of the under emphasized issues in all these protests/objections/conspiracy theories etcetera.  The facts are often unavailable and disputed but the overtly presumptuous and illegitimate denials beg the proverbial question "What exactly are they trying to hide?"  I encountered a little video on InfoWars where someone tried to upload a video to YouTube but when they entered the tag "Monsanto" the system mysteriously couldn't save the video.  It is worth a look:

Video streaming by Ustream
So often in these government enquiries or radio interviews I hear the defence that there is no 'evidence' that there is anything sinister going on.  Consequently the clandestine and insidious behaviour cannot be addressed and so it carries on.  Actually these people in responsible and influential positions have a duty to be open and responsive.  They have a 'responsibility' to address the issues raised.  Psychologically they are presented as an innocent victim who should be given the benefit of the doubt.  We are presented with the paradigm that anyone can make a mistake and it isn't their fault and they meant no harm and, indeed, one mention of a good motive seems to vindicate them and represent them as morally benign people who are being picked on.  But they are the ones calling the shots.  They are the ones in power with the money and influence.  And the reality is that when the little guy simply steps over the line he/she is guilty because they 'might' have been plotting to overthrow the world.

But as you can tell - I am not a journalist - and I am in danger of ranting.  So that is the bit about Monsanto.

Jew Bashing:  I also encountered a tweet from Stephen Fry ‏stating This is deeply disturbing … so I went and watched the video.  Was I deeply disturbed?  No!  Do I believe the Jews should be exterminated?  No!  Do I think this guy, Alex Linder (who ironically looks remarkably stereotypically Jewish), is being deliberately controversial for his own aggrandisement?  Yes.  Where has Stephen Fry been if he hasn't seen tons of this stuff oozing out of every pore of the internet?  Why am I not disturbed?  Years ago I would have been but now I see billions of people all screaming their own perspectives of pain.  What I find worrying is that their distress seems understandable but they externalise it, personify it, and then want to kill anyone who looks like it as if that will address their sense of injustice and put things right in the world.  It seems that the thing to do is to destroy all the oppressors.  But that is what they are doing.  They are just winning (in their own subjective way) but if 'we' - the good guys - did the decent thing and killed them first wouldn't we just be them winning.  There has to be a more realistic and accurate solution to this and I think there is one.  It is too much to dive into just now but it is about being a little more accurate about what we judge as wrong, undesirable or unacceptable.  Abuse is abuse whether it is committed by a Jew or a Christian, a black or a white person, an athlete or an invalid or a Jehovah's Witness or a Scout leader or a priest or a politician or a banker, a butcher a baker or a candle stick maker.

The main thrust of that is that we have to stop the abuse and not keep siding with 'our' politicians, or 'our' religion, or 'our' sex or race or any other group identifier.  Something that springs to mind, of course, is the Bradley Manning trial which is currently in process.  The guy revealed a mass of illegal activity being perpetrated by the American government and military (and more) and he is being vindictively persecuted for revealing their 'secrets'.  We have to hold the American government (and all the others implicated in the leaks) to account for their illegitimate actions.  They MUST be stopped.

Then there is the Bilderberg Group:  Ha!  That's a good one.

It was not so many years ago, probably 5, that any suggestion that such a thing existed was laughed out of court as a ridiculous conspiracy theory.  Alex Jones, of Prison Planet and Info Wars fame, was significantly involved in exposing this extremely secret organisation.  It is frightening to realise that although the authorities worked hard to deny that such an organisation existed, when they were finally irrefutably exposed they put forward a pretence at a legitimacy to the whole thing.  Now when they don't tell the public that they are having the meetings we are supposed to accept that it is a good idea to keep these very important people safe from terrorists and those other undesirable characters that might disrupt the important affairs of the totally rich and influential do-gooders who are working hard in our interest to secure the globe and make it safe for us in spite of the terrorist and people like Alex Jones.

Unfortunately too many people will accept these projections.  I know this for many reasons not least of which being that I believed them myself years ago.  But something was wrong.  I couldn't put my finger on it and so I continued to 'think' about it and for years something was wrong but I couldn't figure it out.  It IS the distress.  It IS the repression as a consequence of the oppression.  It IS the fact that the authoritarians are self contradictory.  It is clearly ridiculous to suggest that you must kill people to maintain peace, that you must oppress people to protect freedom, that you must lie to people to maintain the truth and that you must benefit from people for their own good.  Even if you are tempted to 'understand' that we need an army to maintain peace or that we need someone with a stick to stop people being horrid to other people or that we need a hierarchy to maintain freedom - even if you think these things make a kind of sense you have to take a second look and acknowledge there is something contradictory about it all.  There is clearly something wrong even if you can't quite work it out.  It is called fear.  You have been threatened instead of supported, you have been hurt to show you what you shouldn't do and you have been lied to to protect you.  You have learnt (emotionally) that you 'need' this hierarchy because if you confront it it will not protect you - indeed IT will hurt you - and if you conform they are the nicest people in the world to you - well they would be so long as you continue to make yourself 'think like them'.  If our leaders (who should be serving us not ruling us) are so afraid of us that they hide behind immense security then they are clearly NOT looking after our interests.

For example check out these links from InfoWars:

No Fly-Zone Enacted Over Bilderberg Meeting

Bilderberg Authoritarianism Destroys Humanity

Bilderberg Security Kicks Out Alex Jones

Bilderberg 2013: Transhumanist Death Cult

Amazon and Google chiefs join other corporate tax avoiders at annual Bilderberg confab

Bilderberg Ring of Steel

This is too big a subject for me at the moment but the fact that the members of the Bilderberg Group were quite willing to break international laws and national laws as if they are above them and that they were quite willing to lie through their teeth to deny that any such meetings were being held and then when they are exposed they simply change their story tells me that they are extremely dangerous and looking after themselves whatever it takes.

Do not be fooled.  Now that Alex Jones has exposed them and for the first time in their history they have a public relations department and a press office, do not for one moment be fooled into thinking we are getting somewhere.  Think about it.  What would you do in their position?  It is simple - you would continue with a facade.  You would make the current Bilderberg meetings legitimate and run a secret organisation behind it.  So now like complete suckers we will swallow what they ejaculate from the press office and, choking slightly, thank them for their honesty.

Be afraid!  Be very afraid!

And, you see, that is what I have to put up with in my life when I am already ill as a consequence of irresponsible authoritarian oppression.  When are we going to stop them?  Oh and PS here is a map showing the location of the Grove Hotel where the very secret Bilderberg Group is meeting from 6th to 9th June 2013 just to see if I can get Toxic Drums Blog taken down by the secret police in Britain.

View Larger Map

Monday, 3 June 2013

Exploring the outer limits of cellular interaction.

The inherent paradoxes of life.

I have to apologise to Manny for saying that Brian Eno was in the Velvet Underground;  He was not.  But in my defence, not that any defence is needed except in a post holistic inconsequential pre-Raphaelite existential hollow caustic world of big art tree artrists, he was strongly influenced by them and worked with John Cale - a founder member.  I would have said that Brian Eno worked extensively with both founder members of the Velvet Underground but I went to check my facts and was astounded at what I discovered.  So let me explain:  John Cale and Lou Reed are the two 'founding members' of the Velvet Underground.  Nowhere on the internet could I find a page containing any significant references to both Reed and Eno.  So, although I know they know each other is it possible they have never worked together?  On the subject of Cale and Eno they did an album called "Wrong Way Up" which is a gem in the history of music.  A strangely small, but beautifully formed, gem.  One of my favourite lyrics of all time is from the track "The River" and goes: "I remember you saying, As her deep eyes opened, In the first light seeing her, 'Here is someone new'."  When I first heard the words I was cast into a dream like meditative state of pure awe and wonder as it summed up the profound and inexpressible beauty of seeing a new life arrive on this planet.  It so perfectly expressed the peace and love, the profound yet inexplicable power of a sentient self-aware conscious human emerging from the complexity of this soup we call the universe into existence.  And so here it is for your delight...

Of course the song resonated and expressed my experience of being present at my daughter's birth so it came as no surprise to discover that Brian Eno was inspired to write those lyrics as a consequence of being present at his daughter's birth.

In my chaotic scrambling around the internet I was amazed to discover that Lou Reed has just had a liver transplant.  It was only a week ago that Laurie Anderson said that he was dying of liver failure.  He says  he is now "bigger and stronger than ever" and is looking forward to writing more songs and appearing on stage connecting in heart and spirit with his audience and the universe.  That, of course, is paraphrasing which is nothing like parachuting.  Lou Reed is a truly wonderful human and when I discovered that he and Laurie Anderson were united in that strange cultural euphemistic dysphemism called marriage I was delighted.  I am a fan of Laurie Anderson and I guess she became 'known' to the world with her track "Oh Superman" (which you should, could and can see here - this is a rendition, (to render something is to transfer it to, or manifest it in, another form and is typically used in computer graphics when an image is constructed or 'rendered' from the data but this word developed a more sinister meaning when it was used as the euphemism "extraordinary rendition" by the British and Americans in their 'War on Terror' to refer to illegally kidnapping 'suspects' and transporting them to other countries to be tortured because it would be illegal in either of those two countries) indeed it is an extraordinary rendition, of her performance as displayed in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.

Laurie Anderson seems to be a much underappreciated creative and significant talent.  Her ... blah blah blah ... socio-political comments ... blah blah blah ... on the hidden agenda of the collective cultural subconscious reality are profound, insightful and important but no one really cares.  I know that it is inaccurate to say that no one cares because some do, but it feels as if no one cares because the few that do have little impact and the majority who don't are sycophantic supporters of the power mongers who do all the damaging doings.  But... as a special dedication to the now departed Nic Minuta here is another brilliant rendition of Laurie Anderson's work.  It is called "Walking and Falling" and is from the album "Big Science"

When I say "the now departed Nic Minuta" I am not being euphemistic.  He is not dead he is just departed.  Oh God why can't these people understand?  Dead is dead - departed is just... just... departed, moved on, gone to another place oh f**k how can I explain?  The euphemisms are too strong and are overpowering me until I begin to think the meaning of the words are the ascribed meanings which are not the meanings and then I don't even know if we are all departed because we are only someone else's molecules.  NO - this blog entry is not descending into chaotic madness - or is it?

I knew a guy who was dying of liver failure.  He died unfortunately.  I love Lou Reed and I ask myself the question "Is it because he has lots of money that he has a new liver?"  Is it possible that my friend might have had a new liver if he had enough money.  And given the known illegal trade in spare part livers can Lou be absolutely sure that his replacement liver was not illicitly manipulated from the bowels of some poor oppressed peasant half way around the world?  Oh such unpleasant thoughts in such a  beautiful world.  But I am still very pleased that Lou Reed is not only still with us - I mean alive - but is feeling good too.

I have to go now.  I mean I have to stop typing and do something else.  I am not trying to make some profound and meaningful statement about transcending to a higher plane of consciousness although I might give it a go.