Monday, 3 June 2013

Exploring the outer limits of cellular interaction.

The inherent paradoxes of life.

I have to apologise to Manny for saying that Brian Eno was in the Velvet Underground;  He was not.  But in my defence, not that any defence is needed except in a post holistic inconsequential pre-Raphaelite existential hollow caustic world of big art tree artrists, he was strongly influenced by them and worked with John Cale - a founder member.  I would have said that Brian Eno worked extensively with both founder members of the Velvet Underground but I went to check my facts and was astounded at what I discovered.  So let me explain:  John Cale and Lou Reed are the two 'founding members' of the Velvet Underground.  Nowhere on the internet could I find a page containing any significant references to both Reed and Eno.  So, although I know they know each other is it possible they have never worked together?  On the subject of Cale and Eno they did an album called "Wrong Way Up" which is a gem in the history of music.  A strangely small, but beautifully formed, gem.  One of my favourite lyrics of all time is from the track "The River" and goes: "I remember you saying, As her deep eyes opened, In the first light seeing her, 'Here is someone new'."  When I first heard the words I was cast into a dream like meditative state of pure awe and wonder as it summed up the profound and inexpressible beauty of seeing a new life arrive on this planet.  It so perfectly expressed the peace and love, the profound yet inexplicable power of a sentient self-aware conscious human emerging from the complexity of this soup we call the universe into existence.  And so here it is for your delight...

Of course the song resonated and expressed my experience of being present at my daughter's birth so it came as no surprise to discover that Brian Eno was inspired to write those lyrics as a consequence of being present at his daughter's birth.

In my chaotic scrambling around the internet I was amazed to discover that Lou Reed has just had a liver transplant.  It was only a week ago that Laurie Anderson said that he was dying of liver failure.  He says  he is now "bigger and stronger than ever" and is looking forward to writing more songs and appearing on stage connecting in heart and spirit with his audience and the universe.  That, of course, is paraphrasing which is nothing like parachuting.  Lou Reed is a truly wonderful human and when I discovered that he and Laurie Anderson were united in that strange cultural euphemistic dysphemism called marriage I was delighted.  I am a fan of Laurie Anderson and I guess she became 'known' to the world with her track "Oh Superman" (which you should, could and can see here - this is a rendition, (to render something is to transfer it to, or manifest it in, another form and is typically used in computer graphics when an image is constructed or 'rendered' from the data but this word developed a more sinister meaning when it was used as the euphemism "extraordinary rendition" by the British and Americans in their 'War on Terror' to refer to illegally kidnapping 'suspects' and transporting them to other countries to be tortured because it would be illegal in either of those two countries) indeed it is an extraordinary rendition, of her performance as displayed in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.

Laurie Anderson seems to be a much underappreciated creative and significant talent.  Her ... blah blah blah ... socio-political comments ... blah blah blah ... on the hidden agenda of the collective cultural subconscious reality are profound, insightful and important but no one really cares.  I know that it is inaccurate to say that no one cares because some do, but it feels as if no one cares because the few that do have little impact and the majority who don't are sycophantic supporters of the power mongers who do all the damaging doings.  But... as a special dedication to the now departed Nic Minuta here is another brilliant rendition of Laurie Anderson's work.  It is called "Walking and Falling" and is from the album "Big Science"

When I say "the now departed Nic Minuta" I am not being euphemistic.  He is not dead he is just departed.  Oh God why can't these people understand?  Dead is dead - departed is just... just... departed, moved on, gone to another place oh f**k how can I explain?  The euphemisms are too strong and are overpowering me until I begin to think the meaning of the words are the ascribed meanings which are not the meanings and then I don't even know if we are all departed because we are only someone else's molecules.  NO - this blog entry is not descending into chaotic madness - or is it?

I knew a guy who was dying of liver failure.  He died unfortunately.  I love Lou Reed and I ask myself the question "Is it because he has lots of money that he has a new liver?"  Is it possible that my friend might have had a new liver if he had enough money.  And given the known illegal trade in spare part livers can Lou be absolutely sure that his replacement liver was not illicitly manipulated from the bowels of some poor oppressed peasant half way around the world?  Oh such unpleasant thoughts in such a  beautiful world.  But I am still very pleased that Lou Reed is not only still with us - I mean alive - but is feeling good too.

I have to go now.  I mean I have to stop typing and do something else.  I am not trying to make some profound and meaningful statement about transcending to a higher plane of consciousness although I might give it a go.

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