Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Killer robots and Motorola identity pills

So Motorola has come up with this good idea of a pill or a tattoo which is a personal identification device and you won't need to remember another password to get on the internet or access your bank account.  They will even have the ability to locate you geographically.  Just imagine; If you get kidnapped they can rush in and rescue you - How lovely.

From The Sydney Morning Herald Forgot your password? Just take a pill

From The Huffington Post Passwords In Tattoos And Pills? Motorola Announces Plans For Wearable Tech (VIDEO)

They have even reported it on the Children's BBC called CBBC Motorola's password in a pill and electronic tattoo

And you can search for it on Google.  You know - that search engine whose philosophy was "Do No Evil" but don't worry they changed that.  Hang on a minute who owns Motorola?  Did I read somewhere that Google had bought Motorola?  Oh yes - in 2011 Google bought Motorola for about 12 billion dollars.  Now who is the senior vice president of advanced technology and projects at Motorola?  It wouldn't be a nice young girl who was the first female director of DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) which, although they developed the internet and cloud computing, they are also responsible for developing t Agent Orange, micro air vehicles and killer robots?  Oops yes it's that lovely Regina E. Dugan.  So hang on a minute - Google owns the company that employs an ex-director of DARPA and they are now developing a pill to identify you.

You have to realise that Eric E. Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google Inc. is in a secret meeting this weekend with 140 other influential world figures at the Grove Hotel in Watford.  You might ask if it is secret how I know about it.  For over 50 years this organisation, the Bilderberg Group, has been having illegal secret meetings.  It is only in the last few years that, largely due to the information age, they have been unavoidably exposed.  But their agenda remains secret and that is illegal too.  Now that they have been exposed they are pretending that they have never been secret.  They have even created their own web site as if nothing is wrong at The Bilderberg Meetings - The Official Website. This behaviour is clearly deceptive and dangerous.  The 'official' list is now available on the internet at many places including the Telegraph. but there are reasonable grounds to assume that there are at least 20 unannounced attendees including Bill Gates who is coincidentally flying into London this weekend.

So I will let you work out for yourself whether this Motorola pill is consumer driven or control driven and I will show you a video that you won't believe.  This guy went out and asked Americans to sign a petition to support the Holocaust Celebrations.  He explained to people on the street (in America) that the Jews liked to celebrate the Holocaust with beach parties where they would have competitions to see how many people they could bury in the sand and how they loved to roast pork on the beach too.  These American citizens swallowed it all (not the pork) and would happily sign the petition.  You don't believe me?  Take a look.

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