Friday, 10 December 2010

Student riots in London on 9 December 2010

So it seems the students have caused a bit of a riot.  They attacked Prince Charles' car with him and Camilla inside it, they have occupied Parliament square doing damage to it and the statue of Winston Churchill, they've staged a sit-in at the National Gallery, they've broken windows along Oxford Street and then they've set fire to the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square.  What an unruly lot.

Now in this country we have a terrible attitude.  It's a judgemental attitude.  So all the press can do is report "Gosh, this is terrible." or "We don't condone this behaviour." or "...this is wanton vandalism."  or " ...some of the protesters have no respect for London or its citizens.".  But what about the "Well done chaps.", "Congratulations!", "Jolly good show."?  The trouble is that the decisions being made by very well off old fogies to trash the educational system in this country and to push the bankers debts further down the line and onto the children of the future whilst protecting the bankers profits and leaving the population in years to come with no education or resource to do something creative about the devastated planet is more far reaching, more destructive, and more irreversible than the puny efforts of the small number of students in London yesterday.

Sometimes it is no good being polite and doing the right thing when the damage incurred will disable the victim from fighting in the future.  Sometimes the irreparable nature of the assault has to be stopped in its tracks or it will be too late.  If the students and any other responsible members of society don't make a loud enough noise now it will be too late to try to fix things in the future.  It is clear that the financial machinations of the higher echelons of our culture are finally destroying this civilisation.  The debt has been pushed to third world countries and when that sponge was full it was pushed into National Debt and when that sponge was full it has been pushed into housing and after that into the pockets of the citizens via the likes of Mastercard and Visa (who are not exactly flavour of the month for their criminal behaviour) and now that sponge is saturated and leaking all over the place they call it a debt crisis and forward the debt to the future generations through education.  It would be funny if it were on The Simpsons or South Park but I'm sorry to say this is very real.  None of the powers that be will do anything to confront the ruthless pursuit of "profit at any cost" nor will they do anything constructive about the declining climate on this planet or the destruction of the ecosystem or the depletion of the animal populations or the deforestation - should I stop now?  They WILL NOT do anything about it because they are too greedy and too frightened and too stupid.

Well unfortunately for them they gave just a little bit too much education to the children before they thought to take it away and they are now just bright enough to recognise that it is not about winning clever intellectual arguments or doing things "properly" because there will be no civilisation to work from soon.  If the government in this country (and many others) don't stop pandering to the megalithic financial controllers the whole world will descend into chaos.  What the British politicians are doing with their "austerity measures" is basically ensuring the bankers get to keep their dosh so that they don't walk out and leave the country in ruins.  It's a kind of hostage situation.  What they need to do is take back control of the banks and make them serve the population not run (and abuse) it.  They need to invest in education (right from day one), change the educational system radically to remove the indoctrination and to nurture creativity, they need to rearrange the financial setting so that most people can live a reasonable stable life instead of this disgusting cross between a rat race and musical chairs, and they need to genuinely and fearlessly oppose corruption and get on doing the job they are currently privileged to do.

I'm kind of sorry to say that I totally applaud the students.  I am proud of them and ashamed of the government.  It is a real pity that the expensive education afforded to the likes of Cameron and Clegg obviously succeeded it dumbing their intellectual and creative abilities to the point that these austerity measures are the best thing they can think to defend.  They are the ones committing the crimes against other human beings and, worse, against the children and the younger generations.  The students are being given NO CHOICE.  I would tell the politicians to grow up but there lies double-think.  Actually it is the younger people who have more insight, more compassion, more creativity and frankly more courage.


  1. so all the vandals cover themselves up with masks...not so brave really.

  2. But the fact that they are fighting for a cause, that in itself is brave. I wish the Americans would take a look and learn...they've been abused for so long and just accept it.

  3. Insight, compassion, creativity and courage.....are these the new words being used for thugs marauding through a city creating chaos and injury. It took a lot of courage to surround an elderly couple in a car and terrify them. You have just lost thousands who supported you.

  4. America is just awakening...thanks for the kick start England! I can see Charles and Camilla were frightened beyond belief...with their thumbs-up and royal waves.
    - Jenna Talia - Glitter Trash Punk

  5. why resort to violence, all you have to do is nothing...that's right, NOTHING you fuck up their wealth, the governments wealth by doing NOTHING EVERYONE DOES NOTHING and without violence YOU WIN

  6. Anonymous is rather outspoken eh?....;-)

    Actually...the students are right in every way. It was a few loonies who spoiled the show - not that I personally object to a few loonies...a hypocrite I'm not...;-)

    Violence is only a justifiable resort if you're indisputably right and all else fails, therefore the students shouldn't have resorted to

    I think I'll shut up now....