Thursday, 9 December 2010

STOP PRESS: New Terrorist Organisations Located!

Mastercard and Visa are the new terrorists.  They are blocking free people who pay for their services from donating funds to a perfectly legitimate organisation called WikiLeaks.  They have no right to do that and they are (it seems) acting to comply with offensive and probably illegal pressure from powerful governments like the USA and GB.

Check out this statement from Datacell CEO on Visa and Mastercard action:

It is horrible and disgusting.  If WikiLeaks or any other organisation are fairly or unfairly designated as a terrorist organisation and the law stipulates that the likes of Mastercard and Visa cannot process funds for them then that is the law - like it or not.  But there has been no such legal due process and WikiLeaks is in fact a legitimate organisation working for freedom and human rights.  The powers that be are afraid because of their own guilt and it is causing them to reveal themselves as the true oppressive ruthless bullies that they are.  I for one will never forget this inhumane, cruel, and disgusting behaviour of the low life rich kids that run these organisations who are cowardly conspirators to dishonest killers.

Terrorist organisations are a conceptual item invented by the USA and Britain with other compliant governments to bundle anybody they choose into a "bad" bucket.  Actually many of the so called terrorist organisations are no such thing but what the Americans and the British have done in Iraq and Afghanistan is by their own proud admission exactly terrorism.  They wanted to kill foreigners and they lied through their teeth to get UN resolutions (not even legal declarations of war) to appear to be justified and went ahead and killed thousands of innocent people under the banner of "SHOCK AND AWE".  That is precisely "TERRORISM".

The truth is they raped and pillaged Iraq.  I don't like the oppressive Muslim regimes and I don't like the sanctimonious repressive Christian one's either.  But raping and pillaging an entire country for what retrospectively appears self interest is historically disgusting.  Now they think they have the power to threaten financial organisations like Mastercard and Visa and apparently those organisations are so inhumane they respond like cowards and act to financially terrorise other people by suggesting they are free to cut anyone off financially if they dare to speak out against the government.  This is all getting out of hand and it is time that the people made their opinion known.  The bullying will stop or we will all die in terror anyway.  So up yours Mastercard and Visa I think you are the new terrorists.

See more on the trials and tribulations of WikiLeaks at

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