Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Reply to Max Hastings on Assange

On Wednesday 22 December an article was published in the Mail Online written by Max Hastings entitled "This megalomaniac sleazeball embodies the nightmares we face in the anarchic age of the internet"

What is this strange and ineffective biological blob labelled Max Hastings?  It looks rather cute sporting its Adolf Hitler hair style and sweet chibby goggles.  The sewage that spews from its poisonous pen is beautifully crafted and a brilliant satire of the megalomaniac arch criminal.  But wait...  This is a journalist.  This is a human being.  This is a sentient, conscious, intellectual, emotional human being.  What a disguise.  It has me fooled.

On a slightly serious note what this man has written in this article really helps me understand why it is sometimes called the "gutter press".  This is an appalling piece of writing.  Apart from the fact that it is inaccurate it is also judgemental, cruel, and attempts to incite hatred.  I thought there were laws about stuff like this.

I do not have the energy or time to waste writing a careful criticism of this article.  It only takes a cursory glance to realise that it is a nasty bully making invalid and inaccurate claims about someone else in a jealous attempt to steal some of the limelight.

Go home and polish your jack boots you silly man.

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  1. 'This is a journalist. This is a human being. This is a sentient, conscious, intellectual, emotional human being'

    Hastings is many things I'm sure but none of the above spring immediately to what passes for my mind....

    Appreciate the visit old bean.

    Mightily impressed over here.

    I will be back - unless you mail me one million dollars....;-)