Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ben Brown interviews Jody McIntyre

I really am bewildered by the intellectual condition of the "civilised" world.  What is it that allows a lot of people to pick and choose the little bits they require to support their evidently inhuman view and to present them as if they have any validity at all?  Why is it that we can have well dressed PR men claiming that the reason their company should be granted a license to build a mega casino is because they are really responsible and will put some of the profits from the venture into gambling recovery centres.   It's as if the recipients brain cannot do more than bridge two consecutive ideas at a time.  Man A should be allowed to build a casino because he is responsible.  He is responsible because he wants to help people with gambling addictions.  Therefore it's a good idea!  What?

Ben Brown exhibits the same moronic short chain logic in his attempt to blame Jody McIntyre for being dragged out of his wheel chair and assaulted by several police officers.

Fact:  Police dragged a disabled man from his wheel chair.  Simples!  They should not have done it.  But in some peculiar flailing attempt to justify the bullying Ben Brown keeps suggesting that Jody McIntyre is somehow responsible for the action taken against him and that he deserves to be treated that way by the police.

A tiny excerpt from the BBC news interview (bear in mind that Jody McIntyre has already explained that he isn't capable of even driving his own wheel chair let alone hurling missiles at the police.)...

Ben Brown: "And you didn't shout anything er provocative or throw anything that would have induced the police to do that to you."

Jody McIntyre: "Do you really think a person with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair can pose a threat to a police officer who is armed with weapons?"

Ben Brown: "But you do say that you are a revolutionary."

And so the lunacy goes on.  Well done Jody McIntyre for not being distracted by this appalling and  abusive "interview".  Jody McIntyre makes the point that the mode of reporting reminds him of the BBC's reporting of the Palestinian situation.  He is, of course, quite correct.  This is a mode of approach which is attempting to find any error on the victims part which can then be used to distract from or justify the illegitimate action against the victim.  It is paranoia in action.

Therefore I would suggest that Ben Brown joins a fitness club or something to boost his self confidence and then he might realise that he has no need to be afraid of Jody McIntyre or the rest of the student population.

You can read Jody's own account of the incident on his blog at http://jodymcintyre.wordpress.com/2010/12/10/week-76-student-protests-part-three/

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