Sunday, 5 June 2011

German bean sprouts and other stuff.

Stir fry bean sprouts and cool cucumbers fight it out in a battle of words with serious financial consequences.  Stirring up trouble the bean sprout producer has tried to offset its own failures on the super cool cucumber nation of Spain.  Germany tried to distract world attention from the possibility that any blame could be attached to their country when a serious outbreak of extra strong e-coli began about a month ago... in Germany.  They rapidly blamed Spanish cucumbers for the problem.  Spanish vegetable growers lost their international markets and lost millions of pounds worth of trade.  The whole of Europe was soon dragged into this vegetable blame game with tomatoes and lettuces having their good names tarnished too.  Vladimir the crusader took advantage of the dispute to kick the victims whilst they were down and to promote his own vegetable products for his own benefit by banning all European vegetables from Russia.

Now it turns out the most likely source of the e-coli is German bean sprouts.  And what are the Germans going to do about the financial devastation across Europe?  As likely as not they are dead chuffed about this because they are effectively attempting an economic invasion and occupation of Europe already and this is just more grist for the mill as far as they are concerned.  They revel in dictating terms for the Greek government when they simply authorise billions of pounds from other people's pockets to bail out the Greek economy.  They have effectively bought Greece and they are in the process of doing it with Portugal and Spain.

The irony of the terms imposed on Greece by Germany is that it is German political philosophy that they are prescribing.  The whole idea that austerity measures can work is a joke.  Well actually that is not true.  We have to figure out a lot more about the convoluted way of thinking and expressing views to get a grip on this.  But it is related to the Freudian notion of projection.  Irony strikes again as Freud was a German but, of course, he was also a Jew.

Projection is the process of an ego rejecting a perception by externalising it onto other people or psyches.  To say that austerity measures work may well be true, for the Germans, because if Greece suffers and collapses the Germans have one more victim to use and abuse for their own benefit.  It works.  But it does not work in the way the phrase implies and that is for the long term benefit of the Greeks.  Well, yet again that is perhaps true because behind the reference to the long term benefit for the Greeks is the notion that if they get up and are in some way "equal" to Germany then there is the veiled threat from Germany that it will do them no good because Germany will simply knock them down.  It is all based in the competitive paradigm that life is a battle and the strongest survives (and precisely not the rest).

When George Orwell coined the phrase doublespeak I suspect he was only half way to the terrible truth.  The truth is that people endlessly manufacture this kind of communication without realising they are doing it.  It is based in what I call inside-out people.  People have a model of the world in their heads and compare this with the information coming in from outside.  For people who are the right way when they experience a discrepancy between the two they adjust the model in their head to more accurately reflect the information from outside.  People who are "inside out" think that the model in their head is reality (like children assume they are simply perceiving things as they are) and if there is a discrepancy they assume there is something wrong "out there".  This leads to a judgemental, negative and authoritarian attitude.  So from the German's point of view (given the philosophical paradigm is inside out) it is successful for the Greeks to suffer severe austerity measures.  No amount of research, investigation or evidence will alter this perception because anything that doesn't bolster their own view is simply wrong.


  1. Can ANYONE explain to me why Britain has to pay out a percentage of the compensation to the German Bean Sprout Farmer??????

    He's German...and he grows Bean Sprouts (whatever they are) and HIS Government blamed HIM so Britain has to pay part of HIS compensation?????

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can't we have a revolution???

    Does any sane person in Britain REALLY want to remain in Europe????

    Inquiring minds really really need to know...

    Can't we just nuke 'em?'d bugger the German bean sprouts at least...;-)

  2. Die Sache ist, mein lieber Herr Punk, die Deutschen sind auf der ganzen Welt nehmen. Sie haben es versucht und vor militärisch verloren mehrmals aber sie versuchen es finanziell diesem Zeitpunkt. Sie sind hinter der Internationalen Monitory Fonds und das Geld ist fake. Sie halten gerade damit und "Verleihen" an die Armen und Bedürftigen, während machen lächerliche Behauptungen auf ihre Souveränität. Sie haben gut und wirklich gebacken Griechenland. Sie sind derzeit Kochen Irland. Sie sind das Mischen der Zutaten von Spanien mit einem Schuss von Portugal und sie nehmen, was sie von wer auch immer sie mögen. Da!

  3. Mr Punk sits on sofa in front of television. He calls out "Honey! Can you pour me a vodka before it starts." Wifey brings vodka. Five minutes later Mr Punk calls out "Darling can you pour me a large vodka before it starts." Wifey brings in large vodka. A few minutes later Mr Punk calls out "Light of my life, can you bring me a double vodka and a bag of crisps before it starts". Wifey brings in vodka and crisps and slams them on the table. In a fit of frustration she says "I've got the kids up and taken them to school. I've done the shopping, come home, done the laundry, cleaned the house, cooked a meal..." Mr Punk thinks to himself "It's started!"

  4. What's started?...I am at a loss....

    Carol!..Where's me dinner?

    Incidentally....I never say 'Honey'!!!!!

    ...don't even like the muck....

    So there...;-)

  5. Watched an interview with Prince Philip last night.

    He is THE MAN!!!

    90 years old and I adore him even more!!!...In a manly way of course

  6. I heard a bit on the radio where Prince Philip said there was a difference between being a green conservationist and bunny hugging. I like it!