Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sliding down the Greecy Pole

How has the human race become so stupid?  I have been watching the Greek Parliament "Vote of Confidence".  So they won the vote with 155 to 129.  This means the Greek Prime Minister can go ahead with the austerity measures in order to satisfy the IMF and World Bank so that they get some more money.  What is going on?  These people are pretending to be rational and discussing issues with a firm belief that they are being sophisticated and clever and important.  They seem to think that these words and ideas control reality and if they can construct ideas that are too big and complicated to prove wrong they are somehow sorting the situation out.  But we have run our course in this civilisation.

To start with the whole idea of austerity measures is a joke.  When the economy is straining because the rich people have borrowed too much you simply can't get it back by taking it from the poor.  They are poor you see.  They are not the one's with the money.  All that will happen is the greedy folk at the top are buying more time.  What are they buying it with?  The blood of the poor in the future.

I am going to stick my neck out now.  There is going to be another blood bath in Europe.  Consider Greece's position.  They are not being given enough money to invigorate or stimulate the economy.  They are being given just enough to get themselves into more trouble.  In 6 to 18 months they will be in the same situation except they will have an estimated 70,000 less companies to make money and they will owe more.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: This money business is not about the money it is about control.  So Greece should do what the Icelandic people did and say "NO!  Enough is enough, we're out of the Euro, you can stuff your Economic Community and we will trade with other nations on our own terms thank you.  As for anything you say we owe you it was always a deception and a scam an so we simply don't owe it to you."

What is fundamentally wrong is that we have allowed the psychopathic qualities of humanity to become the institutions and businesses.  We are not acting like humans.  All it would take to get Europe out of the current catastrophic collapse would be for humans to start acting humanely.  Don't accept the bullshit from the politicians.  Don't accept the bullshit from the bosses.  Don't accept the bullshit from the legal beagles.  Stop accepting nonsense spewing from their orifices.  I hear the utter nonsense nearly every day.

There was the case of the man fined £100 for getting off a train one station too early.  It was stated that the contract on the ticket clearly stated that this would be the case. Although many observers were sympathetic to the unfairness it was still deemed that he should have read the contract.  And they all went away nodding and shaking their heads.  The reason they get stalled there is because if they question the substantiality of the 'written contract' it could undermine everything they are hanging on to like their house, their car, etc.  So they reluctantly agree that the man should have read the contract.  Then let the railway company employers read the contract to each and every customer and see how economically viable that is.  IT ISN'T!  It is a con.  They are ripping off other people.  If our economy is based on trickery and selfishness it simply cannot work in the end.  And the 'end' is fast approaching.

I'm fed up with it all.  I'm lucky because I have no money left, no job, no house, no pension and pretty well no health.  So I have nothing left to lose.  If you lot don't stop pissing around condemning other people and supporting the bullies your time will come too.

Sod the fucking lot of you!  You are stupid and siding with your own executioners.  Do you really think they will look after you when the chips are down.  Not a chance.  Poverty will be for the majority and God help those thieving rich bastards.  They are currently laughing all the way to the bank where they are expecting, in Greece, to pick up some more lovely bonuses from their financial tranche supplied by Germany for them provided they continue to oppress the Greek people until the country is on its knees.  Germany is invading that country financially.  Wait and see if I'm wrong.  They did it to the Poles militarily and they are doing it to Greece financially.

Don't get me wrong - It's not that the Germans are worse than the rest.  They are just winning.  You shouldn't have agreed to the game!


  1. Look old bean...they are 'politicians' therefore 'they' are in it for 'themselves'.

    They couldn't give a tuppeny fuck for 'us' or any 'ordinary' people.

    'Call Me Dave' Cameron is a is Peter 'is this asshole still around?' Mandelson.

    It matters not.


    How much fucking evidence do we need?????

    You are right...and I am so so sad that you are right.

    We...the ordinary people...are well and truly fucked...whether in Greece or Portugal or England...

    We're fucked until we say 'no' and we never will mate....unless we get the chance through 'national referendums'....don't hold yer breath...nobody can hold their breath for that looooong!!!

    Too many will shrug and say nothing.

    It's a very good job England isn't America....if it was I'd have a gun....

    That would be a very BAD thing... would.

    Extraordinarily good fun perhaps...but....probably.....a bad thing eh?

  2. Drop the Euro Greece!!! Drop your debts!!! Say 'No way!' and leave the European Union completely!

    You know it makes sense!!!

  3. Post some'at yer lazy sod!!!!

    How about how we should leave the EU forthwith?...or how we should Nuke the EU forthwith?...Well..maybe not nuke 'em...just leave quietly and TELL EUROPE TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES!!!!!! of course...;-)