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Is Hosni Mubarak Still President of Egypt?
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Well done to the Egyptian people:
Egypt and the Simulacra:

Power to the people:

Egypt is the future of humanity.

Egypt is the new hub of the future of humanity.  The Egyptian people have excelled in their sophistication, their humanity, their sincerity and their resolve.  The Egyptian people have shown more integrity and civilised behaviour than the world even believed existed.  For millions of people to down tools and to protest against oppression and corruption and to remain peaceful against the most appalling attacks is a credit to the Egyptian people and humanity as a whole.

It seems that the thrust of the revolution is that deception, duplicity, self interested power and control are no longer acceptable.  It is ironic that these are the values of the western world and not normally attributed to the Arab people.  However it has been clear for years that the Arab people are more resistant to abuse than westerners.  It is perhaps precisely because they have been under more obvious and overt oppression.  It is ironic that the pro-democracy sentiments and the belief in truth and justice are identical to the projected values of the western world when it is the western world's deception and injustice which has effectively constructed the oppressive culture in the Middle East.

The truly historic and incredibly civilised behaviour of the protestors in Egypt is the way forward for humanity.  It is revealing and evidencing the obvious oppression in the Middle East and perhaps more significantly the insidious covert oppression and double standards of the western world.  The US and the UK (because that's where I live) are clearly running a political system full of duplicitous values,  double-speak and deception.  They have people illegitimately imprisoned and they indulge in torture whilst pretending to stand for human rights and respect and dignity for humans.

There was always a fear that the Middle East could erupt and there could be an Islamic revolution turning the world into a despotic and oppressive world.  But perhaps it is not Islam that is the enemy but rather extremists wherever they base their justification.  Christians have a history of incredible cruelty and Islam has managed to compete on that level quite well too.  But the Arab people are people first and they have been abused too much to the point that they virtually have nothing to lose.  In spite of that the people of Egypt are living out their beliefs in peaceful resistance and cooperation.  It would be entirely understandable if they had erupted into a violent assault on the regime but they have shown a collective belief and commitment to peaceful resistance which is almost unbelievable.

First this revolution has to complete and the Egyptians need more support from the rest of the world.  After that the crimes of the past must be addressed and redressed.  The likes of Mubarak and Suleiman must be held to account.  The $70 billion Mubarak has stolen from the Egyptians should simply be returned.  He has no legitimate claim to it.  It is only his by the rules and regulations of the corrupt economic system.  Then the rest of the world needs to address the more covert oppression and to rid the world of this ridiculous way of saying one thing and doing something entirely different.

Considering the recent history of the world it is possible that the people in the western world will begin to realise their part in supporting or even building this pyramid of oppression (pun not lost on the writer) for their own sense of security.  Although the American politicians and the Europeans like to polarise feelings with fear mongering words like terrorism the aggression shown to the West by the so called terrorists is a small fraction of the aggression and abuse applied by the Western world to the Arab peoples.  Consider the American response to WikiLeaks for revealing their lies.  They expect to be able to legitimately terrorise Julian Assange and to intimidate other people who would think of revealing the deception and abuse of the powers that be.  The Americans think they can simply designate WikiLeaks as a terrorist organisation and abuse them with impunity.  They cannot and they will ultimately be stopped.  This revolution in Egypt is the dawning of the good honest truthful responsible future of humanity.

Will they win or lose?  Good or Evil?  Which do we want?  Evil is so much more seductive and so much easier.  The beginning of the apocalypse, the final battle between good and evil.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Hosni Mubarak is mad.

That is my diagnosis following his speech to the Egyptian people on Thursday 10 February 2011.  It's simple really.  He lives an inside out world.  He has a model of the world as he believes it is and has to fit the information coming in from the outside to the "reality", as he sees it, in his head.  He probably feels that the $70 billion fortune he has amassed is a modest gift in thanks for his humble service to Egypt.  He interprets the protestors as a subset of the population who are expressing anger at the difficulties in their culture.  He is patronizing them and trying to suggest that their anger will subside when Daddy gives them some token recognition whilst fundamentally not doing what they want.  It is a Freudian complex.  It is narcissistic.  It is a compulsion.  It is the behaviour of a pathological control freak.

The scientific equation is between the reality in his head and the reality in the world out there.  Given that he is such a powerful and influential figure the tussle between the two will manifest itself in the outside world.  There is no way the reality in his head can win.  It is the archetypal apocalypse.  Reality will prevail because that is how it works.  For the folk that like to believe in a God the analogy is that God IS the world and we are a subset of that reality observing a small part of it.  When we start to think our interpretation is God then there is trouble.  The world will reveal its own reality and we are part of it.  But Hosni Mubarak is not God.  He does think he is in a way.  In his mind he is humble and modest but oh so favoured by God.  He might genuinely believe that he is the only person who can save Egypt from falling into the abyss.  But the abyss is actually his own annihilation.  He doesn't see that because he is kind of immortal in his mind.  But because he mistakes his internal map of the world for the actual reality out there he cannot leave because the consequence would be a collapse of his world (the world he thinks is reality) and so he possibly genuinely believes that Egypt would collapse if he leaves.  So in his mind he is the one person who can save Egypt.  It reminds me of the famous comment by the American Major who said, after the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam, "In order to save the village we had to destroy it."  Mubarak, unfortunately, plans to burn Egypt in order to "save" it.  He might not think of it like that but from the outside it is his intention.

To add insult to injury he designated power to his horrible henchman Omar Suleiman who made a short speech which was amazingly disgusting.

There are two possible futures here.  Either the army will take over on account of the President being insane and they might then pursue the desired path of the Egyptian people.  Failing the army taking control I suspect there will be a lot of bloodshed.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mubarak: A crime against humanity!

Mubarak is causing a devastating crime against humanity.  It is quite clear to the entire world that this individual has stolen about $70 billion from the Egyptian people and has been ruling over them with ruthless oppression for many years causing massive hardship and suffering.

For him or his oligarchy to claim that the protestor are causing the chaos and hardship would be laughable except that many people in the world seem to swallow the utter nonsense without even chewing it.

The salient point is that the people have been pushed too far.  The meaning of this may not be understood by many.  When a rich and powerful individual suggests they have been pushed too far what they mean is that they are now mad and will take offensive action.  What the phrase means here is literal.  They have been pushed to the point that shooting them is no worse than their current situation.  They have no way to live.  They have been pushed over the edge.

For those commentators who ask the question "Will the revolution run out of steam?" they evidently do not grasp the reality.  It cannot run out of steam.  There is nowhere for these people to go.  Perhaps Mubarak and his cronies think these people are like them.  Perhaps they see a lot of people who have chosen to come out of their homes and to risk a bit of violence to get "more" dosh.  Perhaps Mubarak is judging people by his own perception and standards.  He seems to think that if he makes things worse for them they will give up.  They have nothing to give up.  The only option they had was to die without shouting about it.  They are now shouting about it.  The only problem with the economy is that Mubarak and his henchmen are losing some of their grotesque profits.  Mubarak doesn't seem to realise that these protestors do not have secure homes and jobs to retreat to.

Mubarak should not be tolerated by the world at large and all these diplomatic manoeuvres to avoid stating the obvious are just fanning the flames.  How can the US Administration make claims about the illegitimacy of the oppression and make mealy mouthed token comments that Mubarak should bring about change.  The terrible truth is that the American Administration acts as ruthlessly as Mubarak.  They play a dangerous game of faking a belief in humanitarian values whist relentlessly pursuing their own greedy objectives using the most ruthless and illegitimate methods themselves.  There is no excuse for their invasion of Iraq.  There is no excuse for their stealing all the remaining dollars in Iraq.  There is no excuse for keeping people for years in Guantanamo Bay without so much as a charge let alone a trial.  The USA and the UK and many other countries are simply playing a double standard game and winning at the moment.

Take a look at the attempts to silence Assange and WikiLeaks.  It is facetious to suggest WikiLeaks or Assange are responsible for the disgusting duplicity they are revealing to the world.  Take the latest revelation as I write that the Saudi Arabian oil reserves are over estimated by about 40%.  Some would say "shhh... if you let the world know there could be a crisis."  Er?  Doh!  It is a crisis but by keeping it secret you simply allow the rich oppressive controllers to shore up their defences and sit back and watch the rest of us starve to death.  Don't kid yourself you are not going to be supported by them.  And if you are close enough to the top to be supported bear in mind that that makes you a criminal too.  And I don't mean a criminal by law I mean a humanitarian criminal.

Fighting for peace is a non starter, oppressing people for freedom is contradictory, lying to protect the truth is paradoxical and "Good God" is an oxymoron.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Is the American Government a terrorist organisation?

So now on Saturday 5 February, the 12th day of serious unrest, after the US have reiterated time and time again that the oppression is unacceptable and the peoples' wishes should be respected, Frank Wisner, the American envoy to Egypt said "President Mubarak’s continued leadership is crucial – it’s his chance to write his own legacy".

What?  The American administration is playing a very dangerous and immoral game.  Mubarak is the architect of the oppressive and essentially dictatorial regime.  It is under his control that the security forces terrorised, murdered and injured the protestors whilst pretending it was not them.  The deception, the ruthless cruelty, the attempt to control by intimidation and force is appalling.  Terrorism is not only illegal according to the Americans but it is about the lowest of crimes.  On account of terrorism the Americans deem it acceptable to imprison people without trial (Bradley Manning, Guantanamo Bay etc.) for years.  But now they say one major terrorist, Hosni Mubarak, should stay in power.  You will forgive me for  getting a little confused here.  Are the American Government trying to let it be known, without actually saying so, that they are deceitful and duplicitous and actually unfit to govern.  The rational conclusion is that the American Government is simply a sophisticated Terrorist Organisation.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Talking bollocks ("Hello")

What exactly is the use of language.  Apparently Mubarak says he is fed up and is ready to leave.  He says he is concerned for the Egyptian people.  Rubbish - he orchestrated the attacks on the protestors in Tahrir Square.  Then the Egyptian government insists that it is ready to plan for free and open elections.  So what is happening today with the crack down on journalists and human rights officials.  Two members of Amnesty International have disappeared.  They are believed to have been arrested by the Egyptian Security Police but they have not been charged with anything.  Journalists have been attacked and had their equipment taken.  The USA states that it regards the detention of these people without charge as unacceptable but they have had Bradley Manning in solitary confinement for 7 months with no charge.  Also today Awal Gul, a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay, died after 9 years of detainment by the USA ... with no charge!

Maybe I should try writing a load of bollocks.  Maybe I could be rich then too.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Mubarak has blood on his hands!

Multi Billionaire Hossie Mubarak and the NDP have blood on their hands.

Overnight on 2nd & 3rd February 2011 at least 5 peaceful protesters were left dead after a prolonged nightmare of violent assaults on them by what appear to be the Egyptian Secret Police, the professional NDP "thugs", wielding rocks, machetes, Molotov cocktails and guns.  Even the Egyptian State Television admits that over 800 people were injured and 5 killed.

It is no longer human to be overly diplomatic  at the expense of ordinary citizens.

It is clear that Mubarak is the orchestrator of this unacceptable massacre.

People who turn a blind eye to this sort of behaviour are supporting the tyrannical and sinister cruelty of the minority oppressors.

According to the Huffington Post $10 billion of Mubarak’s estimated $70 billion fortune has been transferred to Switzerland and France over the past 10 years mostly by Walid Shash and Omar Tantawy his chief money launderers.

Why does the civilised world give respectability to the ludicrously rich savage ruthless bullies?  Because we are afraid of them?  It has to stop.  People power is the only possible solution to the world's emerging problems.  The likes of Mubarak and his thugs are in fact the minority.  But they are cruel.  Primo Levi was an Italian Jew who survived the holocaust as a prisoner in Auschwitz.  In his book If This Is a Man / The Truce he makes it clear that the power of the Nazis only works because the oppression cascades down the line.  At each layer one group oppresses the group beneath them to alleviate their own suffering.  No human can any more afford to comply with the oppressors.

I'm located in the UK and I can say that this oppression filters all the way through to us.  So long as we continue to accept the insane austerity measures to take money from the poor to line the pockets of the rich just so that we keep a measly slave wage job or hope to survive another year on student loans or radically cut social benefits we are supporting the likes of Mubarak and his thugs.  Take a good look at the modern civilised city of Cairo a week ago and the disrupted devastated war torn Tahrir Square now and then take a look at London and imagine the same happening there.  It will happen within 5 years if this nation doesn't address the issue and support the Egyptian people now.

American, British, German, French, European, Israeli, in fact all political leaders around the world must denounce this massacre which is clearly designed and carried out by the Mubarak regime.

Al Jazeera are doing a phenomenal job of making the events available to the world.  They have suffered a number of arrests and had equipment confiscated and services shut down but they are persevering and doing a most important job.  They have a 24 hour live stream available at

Nightmare in Tahrir Square

Last night thugs attacked the peaceful demonstrators in Tahrir square in Cairo creating a night long ordeal of terror resulting in at least 5 dead and well over 800 injured.

It was an appalling night in the history of Egypt.  But it was a victory for the Egyptian people and for freedom.  I am sure it marks the beginnings of the collapse of the Mubarak regime and the  destruction of despotic dictatorial oppressive regimes the world over.  Even the USA had to get a bit clear about the values they wish to be seen to hold.  There was little doubt (none in my mind) that the thugs who attacked the peaceful demonstrators in Liberation Square (correctly Tahrir Square) with knives, rocks, petrol bombs and eventually guns were a cowardly group of hired thugs and the Egyptian "Security" Police.  The Mubarak regime seems undoubtedly to have orchestrated the whole affair and there seems to be documentary evidence surfacing to support that claim.  See more at Nightmare in Liberation Square.

Murder in Tahrir Square.

As I write I am watching Al Jazeera live at 02:30 hrs GMT which is 4:30 in the morning on Thursday 3 February 2011 in Cairo.  There is heavy gunfire and it is reported that at least 7 people are injured with bullets.  What the death toll might be in the morning is worrying.

For all the speculation there is no doubt that the Mubarak regime is responsible for shooting the peaceful protestors in Tahrir Square in Cairo.  People are looking for proof but no "proof" is required.  Why?  Because it is clear if you look at the events.  Consider the scenario where Mubarak actually meant what he said in his 1 February speech.  Any civilised country in the world would have had riot police surrounding Tahrir Square and would have successfully opposed the pro-Mubarak trouble makers and defended the peaceful protestors.  Even the army could have opposed the pro-Mubarak militia successfully.  But the reality is that the Police security forces have disappeared.  The speculation is that they are the instigators of the shooting.  But they must be because otherwise they would be doing their supposed job.  It follows that even if it is not the men themselves they have orchestrated the massacre.

But on top of that there is proof.  Take a look at Demeur's blog Just try and stop the truth from getting out.  There is also a lot of video evidence of security forces at least being involved.  The army themselves have proof.  The army say they will not fire on Egyptian peaceful protesters.  But the trouble makers have clearly moved in with stones, horses, camels, sticks, petrol bombs and guns.  Opposing those people is not opposing peaceful protestors.

So whether there is any evidence made public of the part that Mubarak has played in this disgusting and inhumane crime he is personally responsible.

At 02:42 hrs GMT I hear Reuters have confirmed at least one dead:

I think the head of the army should simply take over, declare martial law, oppose the trouble makers, arrest Mubarak and his cronies and enforce the transition to democracy.  That is assuming that the guy heading the army is human.  But as I write it seems the army are leaving Tahrir Square.  This is so appalling.  Now which side was it that had God on their side?  I forget.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Analysis of Hossie Boy's speech to the revolting Egyptians.

Hosni Mubarak
On 1 February 2011 Hosni Mubarak addressed the revolting crowds in Tahrir Square with a totally unacceptable speech.  Here is an analysis of that speech by Toxic Drums.  It is not a political "read between the lines" analysis of even deeper silliness.  It is more a "stating the obvious - the emperor has no clothes" kind of analysis.  It is a little fun too and is meant both seriously and as support for the dissenting voices in Egypt (that'll be all of them except Mubarak and one or two sycophants).
The speech is verbatim and is in Egyptian Gold because Mubarak deserves a gold meddle for utter stupidity.  The comments are in Egyptian Green.  What's that?  Well it's like Soylent Green but sort of Egyptian.
"I talk to you during critical times that are testing Egypt and its people which could sweep them into the unknown."
A veiled threat.  Ironic suggesting that these "critical times" could sweep Egyptians into the unknown when the suggested alternative "known" future is with Hosni Mubarak as a Western Imperialist puppet dictator using oppression and violence, deception and intimidation to keep the rich rich and the poor poorer.
"The country is passing through difficult times and tough experiences which began with noble youths and citizens who practise their rights to peaceful demonstrations and protests, expressing their concerns and aspirations but they were quickly exploited by those who sought to spread chaos and violence, confrontation and to violate the constitutional legitimacy and to attack it."
This kind of pretence is very typical of inside-out people.  It is an attempt to give someone a chance to pretend they have always been good friends.  It is a kind of last chance thing.  It's a device used frequently by bullies and mafia types.  It is rationally hollow.  If the youths and citizens were so noble then Mr Hosni should obviously give them due respect.  But it is like saying some of your best friends are Jews as a prelude to anti-Semitic remarks.  A lovely irony here is the reference to "those who sought to spread chaos and violence" since it appears it was members of the security forces under the direct control of Hossie Boy.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Egypt and the evolving Simulacra

This Egyptian crisis is currently being seen mainly as a serious crisis in the Middle East.  Without doubt it is that.  But very few people are seeing this as part of the internet evolution.  It is significant that Mubarak cut the internet off in Egypt.  It is the biggest threat.  In fact it is probably the vehicle through which the uprising has crystallised and formed.  I'm not talking about the discussions about a revolution and the coordination of the action.  They have clearly been aided by the internet.  But the more significant issue is the collective consciousness being brought about by the internet.  This is something that no matter how much regimes, governments and authoritarian interests try to prohibit and influence it, the internet is developing the interconnectivity which is resulting in the coherent collective consciousness.  It is like a child learning language.  The child is entirely unaware of the learning process and the fact that many of its internal paradigms are formed by the process.  It simply experiences growing "knowledge" of its surroundings.  But that interpretation and comprehension of the world is facilitated and derived from the language.  People assume that they are finding stuff out on the internet but it is more than that.  People are forming a collective perception of a wider reality.  This is what enables people to say "this is unacceptable".  They know other people agree with them.  This is the internet.  This is the Simulacra.  This is reality as perceived by the collective sentient life on Earth.  See more on Toxic Drums web site.