Thursday, 3 February 2011

Murder in Tahrir Square.

As I write I am watching Al Jazeera live at 02:30 hrs GMT which is 4:30 in the morning on Thursday 3 February 2011 in Cairo.  There is heavy gunfire and it is reported that at least 7 people are injured with bullets.  What the death toll might be in the morning is worrying.

For all the speculation there is no doubt that the Mubarak regime is responsible for shooting the peaceful protestors in Tahrir Square in Cairo.  People are looking for proof but no "proof" is required.  Why?  Because it is clear if you look at the events.  Consider the scenario where Mubarak actually meant what he said in his 1 February speech.  Any civilised country in the world would have had riot police surrounding Tahrir Square and would have successfully opposed the pro-Mubarak trouble makers and defended the peaceful protestors.  Even the army could have opposed the pro-Mubarak militia successfully.  But the reality is that the Police security forces have disappeared.  The speculation is that they are the instigators of the shooting.  But they must be because otherwise they would be doing their supposed job.  It follows that even if it is not the men themselves they have orchestrated the massacre.

But on top of that there is proof.  Take a look at Demeur's blog Just try and stop the truth from getting out.  There is also a lot of video evidence of security forces at least being involved.  The army themselves have proof.  The army say they will not fire on Egyptian peaceful protesters.  But the trouble makers have clearly moved in with stones, horses, camels, sticks, petrol bombs and guns.  Opposing those people is not opposing peaceful protestors.

So whether there is any evidence made public of the part that Mubarak has played in this disgusting and inhumane crime he is personally responsible.

At 02:42 hrs GMT I hear Reuters have confirmed at least one dead:

I think the head of the army should simply take over, declare martial law, oppose the trouble makers, arrest Mubarak and his cronies and enforce the transition to democracy.  That is assuming that the guy heading the army is human.  But as I write it seems the army are leaving Tahrir Square.  This is so appalling.  Now which side was it that had God on their side?  I forget.

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  1. The USA and the World needs so badly to get some good news, to get lucky, as it were. When I think of Mubarek's offer to 'share power', I think of Robert Magabe's similar offer and what it has led to. These are two men who have octogenarian foreheads calling out for a bullet between the eyes. Think how many lives those two bullets would save. An Egyptian military officer should stand up and perform his patriotic duty. Being a man of religious bent, I pray that he will. Sooner rather than later. Mubarek said he wanted to die on Egyptian soil; he should be obliged.