Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Egypt and the evolving Simulacra

This Egyptian crisis is currently being seen mainly as a serious crisis in the Middle East.  Without doubt it is that.  But very few people are seeing this as part of the internet evolution.  It is significant that Mubarak cut the internet off in Egypt.  It is the biggest threat.  In fact it is probably the vehicle through which the uprising has crystallised and formed.  I'm not talking about the discussions about a revolution and the coordination of the action.  They have clearly been aided by the internet.  But the more significant issue is the collective consciousness being brought about by the internet.  This is something that no matter how much regimes, governments and authoritarian interests try to prohibit and influence it, the internet is developing the interconnectivity which is resulting in the coherent collective consciousness.  It is like a child learning language.  The child is entirely unaware of the learning process and the fact that many of its internal paradigms are formed by the process.  It simply experiences growing "knowledge" of its surroundings.  But that interpretation and comprehension of the world is facilitated and derived from the language.  People assume that they are finding stuff out on the internet but it is more than that.  People are forming a collective perception of a wider reality.  This is what enables people to say "this is unacceptable".  They know other people agree with them.  This is the internet.  This is the Simulacra.  This is reality as perceived by the collective sentient life on Earth.  See more on Toxic Drums web site.

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