Monday, 24 January 2011

Fishy Fish Things

Being into surrealism, the bizarre and other random forms of associating ideas I found myself writing a fishy fish things page.  It indulges in the range of things fishy from sayings to songs and from chocolate to philosophy.  It briefly touches on Jean Baudrillard's treatise "Simulacra and simulation" and the way it is our simulation of reality that is the only real reality.  There is definitely something fishy about this page.  Perhaps it is that in the 47,476 words of Baudrillard's treatise not only does the word fish never once appear but the letters f, i, s & h never appear consecutively.  Not even in words like fishwives, wolfish, elfishly, raffish, fisheye, selfishly, fishmonger (which is in fact what my father's mother's father was), oafishness or standoffishness!


  1. You never cease to get me thinking about such esoteric concepts. Our sense of reality is not the complete reality. We are not able to see the X ray spectrum even though it does exist. We can not hear above or below certain frequencies even though they are out there. Maybe that's a good thing when you stop to think of all of the distractions we've created. We've seen shifts in the perceptions of reality with the written word and its' ability to communicate concrete and abstract thoughts. Then there was photography and film (now video) that took a learning process to be perceived. We are now at the junction of all of those as well as sound recordings with the internet. This has shifted our reality but only momentarily as things continue to evolve. What's next? My educated guess would be a direct taping of the human brain. And with that quantum leap we just might discover what we truly are as human creatures. At the same time we could see the whole of reality as never before.

    That's my ofishal thoughts on the matter.

  2. I have no idea what esoteric means so I'll just fuck off and have another vodka then...;-)

    I have got a fishy tale but it concerns a bird back when I was 19, so in the interests of good taste I'll say no more....other than it didn't taste very good...

    Mind you she was a damn good lay!!!!

  3. Esoteric: A rare alcoholic beverage made by marinating a fish tail in a bottle of vodka. "Eso" derives from the Norse translation of the archaic Greek word ichthys meaning fish. I think you might appreciate the ICHTHYS article on Toxic Drums. Mixing birds and fish is never a good culinary exercise and ancient wisdom prefers bees with the birds. You might have been getting your vodka mixed up with your poultry.