Monday, 2 April 2012

Black Magic works for me at TESCO

How Tesco offered to pay me £1.75 to take a box of Black Magic chocolates!

I was shopping on the internet (actually getting £5 off my shop from Tesco) when I came across a £6.51 box of Black Magic chocolates at half price.  I looked at the price per gram and noticed it said £0.00/g so I gave them a ring on their freephone number.  I asked if I could have the box at £0 and the gentleman said he didn't know how to make it free in my current order and would I accept a £5 OFF voucher instead.  I agreed and got my shopping for £10 less than it should have been.
Can't be bad!  Had I bought the chocolates at the reduced price of £3.25 I would have had the chocolates plus £1.75 off the price of my shopping.  I hope this trend continues.  You can read a little more about it at Black Magic Tesco on the Toxic Drums web site..