Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Windows 7 Home Premium

A warning about Windows 7 Home Premium:
Microsoft claim that Windows 7 Home Premium is so much better than previous versions of Windows like er... Vista. This is true in many respects but there are some really fundamental issues that Microsoft gloss over and even try to suggest otherwise. (see more about Micro$oft Windows 7)

There is no doubt that it is much faster starting up and shutting down. It is faster to load applications and and the interface is smoother for many tasks. But the trouble is they have focused on a typical user and although that will satisfy perhaps a majority it will frustrate millions. Microsoft focus on the computer as an entertainment console. As a toy. But if you want to actually use your computer for your purposes it can become very frustrating.

Computers are general purpose machines but Microsoft is turning yours into a toy for a mindless consumer. Before you know it the easiest thing to do will be to watch movies, listen to music, play games and buy more products and services from Microsoft. There is the argument that it is their prerogative to tempt you into their world to sell you more. Entrepreneurs would congratulate Microsoft for their ingenuity and inventiveness. They have done a massive amount of research into the psychology of the "user" But this "achievement" is only a good thing in a context. Rather like oil in the sea! It is perfectly fine to wash your hands in the sea but to spew billions of tons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico is no longer the same issue.

There have been years and years of of legal wrangling over the Antitrust laws basically alleging that Microsoft has abused a monopoly position in the market. Those legal battles unfortunately have only managed to focus on a tangible example of Microsoft's bad behaviour. In some way they have been a distraction from the generic behaviour of the company. Windows 7 lures you into a smooth, glossy, slick (not the oil type), environment and before you know it you are beginning to think the way they want you to.

They claim: "Share files and printers among multiple PCs" and "Connect to networks easily". The implications of this are wrong. For many people who have money to spend and little use for a computer outside of family fun these claims refer to features that will probably satisfy them. They do add the small print that says "from one Windows 7-based PC to another, you can share files, music, photos, and even printersacross your home network." and referring to the "Connect to networks easily" statement they add "view and connect to any available wireless network in as few as three clicks.". But what they don't emphasize in the first of these example claims is that you cannot have more than one network and all computers on that network must be running the Windows 7 Operating System! This is not what "networking" is about. This is a trap. Many users will find they have to buy a new version of Windows for all the computers in the house. Friends come round and they can no longer link into your network. The frustrations are endless. And for anything more than a mindless "user" this is unacceptable. There is a problem at the moment in the schools in Britain. Many of them have been duped by this sales hype. They have invested in the new operating system and found out they now have to spend vast rafts of money getting their systems to work properly. And who gets the money? Bear in mind that having invested MORE MONEY in the Windows operating system Farmer Micro$oft will come to milk them every morning and evening!

Micro$oft seem to be taking the term "Computer USER" to a new level of meaning. Oooooh - I just need some more of that WINDOWS 7 Home Premium.