Thursday, 29 March 2018


Christ of Saint John of the Cross by Salvador Dalí [detail]

People were horrified that ISIS were destroying works of art, cultural heritage, and historical buildings.  But denigrating and destroying a mural representing capitalism living off the backs of the oppressed and demonising anyone who is not demonstrably outraged by an imposed interpretation of it, is perfectly acceptable in Britain today.

It won't be long before art galleries are searched and pictures removed and burnt in the streets if they depict a hint of anything that may be considered offensive to Jews.  Gerald Scarf will be up on the public gallows in front of a jeering crowd with Roger Waters beside him.  Pink Floyd, along with Wagner, will be banned in the UK in solidarity with the Jewish State of Israel.

No one will notice until it is too late that we are repeating history with a different set of pawns.  The most startling thing about this anti-anti-Semitic hysteria is the hysteria itself.  If people were less prone to exhibiting their fear via conveniently provided conduits there would be no issue.

Although we talk about the thought police and nefarious operators controlling what we think, there are very few people in the world who understand how it works.  The new connectivity via social media enables powerful interests to control the landscape and artefacts of your conscious thoughts.  They control what you are thinking about, what you are afraid of, what you are indignant about, and where you direct your pent up anger.

The anger is plentiful and, like pollution and the national debt, is still being fomented by a dysfunctional oppressive authoritarian culture.  Like water backing up behind a damn the potential is mounting and social media provides the valves and penstocks for powerful corporations to direct the energy to the desired turbines converting it into kinetic energy to power their own ends.

This latest outburst in the mass media is like involuntary projectile vomiting.  It is indicative of profound cultural distress and a societal nervous breakdown.  Those with obscene wealth in the world can do nothing else but utilise this convulsing to their own ends because they know nothing else.  It is simply another readily available resource to commodify for their own benefit.

Blaming the rich and powerful will never resolve the profound division that is destroying humanity.  If the proverbial meek are to inherit the Earth it is not by overpowering the powerful over them.  We have to begin to resist being manipulated.  The only power 'they' have over us is that their fear is satiated by provoking our fear.  We literally hand over our power by being afraid.  In childhood there is no option, but in adulthood it is arguably an obligation to come to terms with our own fear and not to feed others with it.  With good friends with honest hearts this is not such an impossible task as it appears.  After all - we're all going to die anyway.

Monday, 26 March 2018


Jonathan Goldstein falls off his horse outside the Houses of Parliament.

Or: Not the first JC to be crucified.

I've just heard Jonathan Goldstein, the Chair of the Jewish Leadership Council, interviewed on Radio 4 about a demonstration planned outside Parliament today objecting to anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.  There are so many things wrong with that.

Only yesterday the BBC were claiming that hundreds of people had marched against Brexit.  Apparently it was tens of thousands.  This is clearly state propaganda deliberately intended to pervert the public perception with shameless bias reporting.

Today the BBC see fit to highlight a petty entitled demonstration by a minority group ostensibly about an offensive mural because it contains a monopoly board.  Goldstein seemed to want to extend his complaint to include banking cartels creating global poverty and rogue states developing flechette missiles to kill children in hospitals.  I was only surprised he didn't want Shakespeare, Wagner, and Captain Pugwash put in room 101 too.

Humour aside this is a ruthless attempt to polarise a deliberately traumatised population in order to cause division and infighting to distract from the real problems that face Britain and humanity at large.  Goldstein is clearly a provocateur and a warmonger.  He does not, in reality, represent Jews, or even the Jewish community, but rather he represents what is possibly the most powerful and dangerous definable collective ideology on planet Earth.

There are so many issues converging in this misconstrued and misrepresented notion of anti-Semitism it would be hard, if not impossible, to delineate them.  There is the current surge of objection to abuse which is distorted and cynically exploited by the abusive hierarchy to fracture society for its own purposes of power over others.  There is the geopolitical power balance shifting like tectonic plates between the West, Russia, and China threatening all out nuclear destruction.  Humanity is facing the catastrophic collapse of its own ecosystem by innumerable irresponsible types of pollution.  We are also contributing to our own devastating demise by the wealth divide and extensive poverty, starvation, and death across the globe.

Of course there is a story about Jews.  There is a story about Christians and Muslims too.  There are stories about science, technology, power, and wealth as well.  In which story would anyone prefer us to frame our pointless and destructive arguments?  If Mr Goldstein and his mindless supporters had any integrity at all they would be demonstrating against the manifest injustices in the world and not the ones imagined and feared by a powerful elite.  Mr Goldstein is debasing and abusing the history and memory of those Jews, and many other oppressed groups, who historically have suffered at the hands of ruthless megalomaniacs.

Mr Goldstein's actions are profoundly dangerous and misguided.  This is not about the genuine injustices of anti-Semitism and that is clear.  This is ignorant and wilful power play.  This is about the powerful attempting to emotionally manipulate the weak for their own benefit.  This is one of what will turn out historically to be a discernible sequence of events attempting to terrorise the population into supporting the most hideous war as Western Culture insanely attempts to take out humanity in its final and resentful death throes.

I would suggest Mr Goldstein and his cronies have a trot along the road to Damascus in the hope of being provided with some enlightenment as to the real problems facing humanity; it's happened before apparently.  There is a lot of work to be done to feed the starving, house the homeless, and tend to the sick, but then perhaps Mr Goldstein regards Jesus as anti-Semitic too.