Monday, 5 March 2012

The Education Officer and Miss Spiky.

I have just discovered a deception that occurred 3 years ago.  My daughter was having difficulties at school and the Education Authority was involved.  The Education Officer was an officious authoritarian pretending to be a sympathetic avuncular man.  He was decidedly unpleasant.

Things were not easy and, partly on the basis that she was finding it difficult to attend school, my daughter was testing the idea of getting some counselling via the National Health.  I know it is all very paradoxical but we live in a paradoxical world.  The idea being that my daughter has been so unfairly treated that she is unhappy and if you are unhappy in this culture there must be something wrong with you so you can get medical help in the form of counselling.

The lady counsellor that we saw was a little spiky and full of positive attitude.  She made a ridiculous comment on one occasion saying that of course she would try to change my daughters mind.  Given that my daughter had expressed her concerns over people trying to do just that, it was tactless if not philosophically stupid and clearly insensitive.  But even then one can almost feel that there is something wrong with one's self for being hypersensitive in disliking the woman and not trusting her one inch.  That event came and went and my daughter did get a brief session of counselling with a friendly person but declined further offers from Miss Spiky.

For one reason or another I have been trawling through some old documents and I have come across a report from a social worker referring to the issue with my daughter's non-attendance at school.  This report mentions that the Education Officer and a 'social worker', Miss Spiky, were liaising.  I checked the dates and it was during the consultation period with Miss Spiky that the two of them were colluding (oops - liaising - sorry).  It is astounding to realise the implications of this.  The lady in the counselling environment is a social worker and was talking, behind my daughter's back, to the officious little Hitler of an Education Officer.  And those prats think it is 'other people' who are fukced up!

Ruddy Christians:  Matthew 18:6 (1611 King James Bible) "But who so shall offend one of these little ones which beleeue in me, it were better for him that a milstone were hanged about his necke, and that hee were drowned in the depth of the Sea."

So it follows that both the Education Officer and Little Miss Spiky would both be better off drowned with a millstone round their necks.  I conclude that according to Christianity I would be doing a positively holy thing, and God's will, to drown them both.  I wonder if the river would do - it would be so much more convenient.

Philosophically it is ridiculous to suppose that lies and deception can bring about anything other than pain and suffering.  Why do these people, who like to think of themselves as so good, indulge in such treacherous behaviour?  Is it because they think no one will ever find out?  Is that the depth of their perception?  Are they really as shallow as they appear?  Are they, in fact, already dead but still happen to be moving about?  I would suggest they are dead.  In biblical terms they sold their souls to the devil for a cushy life, self-satisfaction and a pension.  Much as I am suffering at the moment I do get some pleasure watching all those teachers and social workers getting themselves so distressed about their pensions being reduced.  I think they should get no pension and should have to pay back their salaries to give the new young people a good and free education.  Just for the record I sincerely despise sanctimonious, hypocritical, officious, smug gits. (Just in case you had any doubts.)


  1. There was a time when 'absolute power' corrupted absolutely...

    These days the slightest whiff of power those with this slightest whiff know better than we do.

    A government of the people, for the people....bollocks.

    A government of mainly self serving hypocritical over paid arseholes who patronise us at best.

    They know better than we mere plebs...

    ...and they're all at it...

    Education Officers included...

    Well?...Give someone a title that incudes 'officer' and, clearly (in their pea brained minds) they're in charge.

    Love n hugs to your daughter old bean x

    ...and come to n all mate


    1. It is so reassuring to know there are people out there who get it.
      Thanks for the support and love n hugs to you and yours too.

  2. I went to a so called shrink for a while, after a couple of months she wanted to have sex with me.

    1. I went to a shrink and all I wanted was sex!

  3. Hello!...If you're dead I will be extremely miffed as you haven't bought me a pint yet!

    ...bloody inconsiderate are some people..;-)

    You ok mate?

    1. Thank you - and I'm not dead yet - just struggling. Have been working on a reply to the Stage 2 Investigation into my complaint against the Children Services and it is a lot of shitty work. I know I sound naive but I can't believe these people. Of course part of the reason is that I have no way to live. If I did I wouldn't give the proverbial fuck. Hopefully the report and my response will be up on Toxic Drums for you to look at, get bored, dismiss and tell me I'm wasting my time :)

      I'll get there...
      (P.S. How much is a pint nowadays because I am saving up for it and have £1.21 so far.)

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    So there...

    07958 614586 if yer can do any of the above...

    ..otherwise..piss off I will be pissed ;-) so tha knows...I will probably be accompanied by Craig The Gay Chef on the funny business I hasten to add...just a driving student who thinks I'm his dad...far as I can tell...

  5. No, you can't go sleep at his place, Caz won't let you, she doesn't trust his creepy friends, I don't think she would even let me sleep there.

    How do you expect to make any money off of adverts if almost no one knows you exist because you don't visit and comment at a lot of blogs? Being as that is how others find your blog.

    Well, that and though search engines but your post subject lines don't help for that because they don't say things like, "How to fuck a horse"

  6. For hits subject lines need to have certain words in them. Like, fuck, fucking, tits, big cocks, cocksucking, etc, etc.

  7. Don't know the whole situation over there but i wouldn't waste time waiting for somebody else to solve your problems. By the time they figure it out your daughter will be grown up with her own kiddy problems.

    1. I wouldn't either. She is an 'adult' now. Fact is - a variety of folk have ruined our lives. I have no idea what to do. No dosh, no home, no pension and too ill to "get a job". So I do what I do. What else am I to do? Then I guess I'll die. But until then I will just keep going. You never know - something might turn up :)

  8. No dosh, no home, no pension and too ill to "get a job"....

    If we're breathing we're winning old bean.

    There's many who aren't.

    Mind you...they may prefer it that way..who knows?

    Only one way to find out and that would be giving up.



    So there.

    4D x

    1. I couldn't agree more. And if I can put it colloquially "The fuckers will regret ever messing with me." even if it were the last thing I ever did - but it won't be.

      May the conceptual essence of cyberspace be with you. x

  9. Stop blaming others for all your problems and do something about it.

  10. Listen to my adopted dad mate...he knows!..;-)