Thursday, 3 February 2011

Mubarak has blood on his hands!

Multi Billionaire Hossie Mubarak and the NDP have blood on their hands.

Overnight on 2nd & 3rd February 2011 at least 5 peaceful protesters were left dead after a prolonged nightmare of violent assaults on them by what appear to be the Egyptian Secret Police, the professional NDP "thugs", wielding rocks, machetes, Molotov cocktails and guns.  Even the Egyptian State Television admits that over 800 people were injured and 5 killed.

It is no longer human to be overly diplomatic  at the expense of ordinary citizens.

It is clear that Mubarak is the orchestrator of this unacceptable massacre.

People who turn a blind eye to this sort of behaviour are supporting the tyrannical and sinister cruelty of the minority oppressors.

According to the Huffington Post $10 billion of Mubarak’s estimated $70 billion fortune has been transferred to Switzerland and France over the past 10 years mostly by Walid Shash and Omar Tantawy his chief money launderers.

Why does the civilised world give respectability to the ludicrously rich savage ruthless bullies?  Because we are afraid of them?  It has to stop.  People power is the only possible solution to the world's emerging problems.  The likes of Mubarak and his thugs are in fact the minority.  But they are cruel.  Primo Levi was an Italian Jew who survived the holocaust as a prisoner in Auschwitz.  In his book If This Is a Man / The Truce he makes it clear that the power of the Nazis only works because the oppression cascades down the line.  At each layer one group oppresses the group beneath them to alleviate their own suffering.  No human can any more afford to comply with the oppressors.

I'm located in the UK and I can say that this oppression filters all the way through to us.  So long as we continue to accept the insane austerity measures to take money from the poor to line the pockets of the rich just so that we keep a measly slave wage job or hope to survive another year on student loans or radically cut social benefits we are supporting the likes of Mubarak and his thugs.  Take a good look at the modern civilised city of Cairo a week ago and the disrupted devastated war torn Tahrir Square now and then take a look at London and imagine the same happening there.  It will happen within 5 years if this nation doesn't address the issue and support the Egyptian people now.

American, British, German, French, European, Israeli, in fact all political leaders around the world must denounce this massacre which is clearly designed and carried out by the Mubarak regime.

Al Jazeera are doing a phenomenal job of making the events available to the world.  They have suffered a number of arrests and had equipment confiscated and services shut down but they are persevering and doing a most important job.  They have a 24 hour live stream available at


  1. Mubarak is an arab and it is a different world over there - maybe it shouldn't be but it is.

    I have a driving student who is half Egyptian and his mother is in tears....not for Mubarak but for what the future holds for Egypt.

    I quote.

    "It was shit under Mubarak but it will be even shittier now Dinners. I know. It will be Islam. It was always going to be Islam"

    Not my words, hers, and as she is an Egyptian, I can only repesct her opinion as I have no idea - well...I do...but I keep getting bollocked for stating the obvious....

    There are a lot of storm clouds brewing old bean - and a worrying number are hovering over my England.

    I will now shut up before anyone else shouts 'Islamophobe!'....they do you know...regularly...

    I don't ask anyone to believe me, I merely ask that my words are remembered later when the storm breaks.

    ....and I for one will be so so delighted if I am wrong!

    (For the record, I have a number of muslim friends - many of whom share my concerns but would never publically say so)

    We're going to hell in a handbasket old bean....

    Women, children and Dinners first!!!!

  2. I hardly know how to answer that. Not that it requires an answer I know. But there is one floating round in my head. If I sum it up it goes like this: Unkindness and cruelty are not good. Love, compassion and friendliness are. Whilst people are being oppressed it is right to oppose that and if they want freedom that is supportable. In the "Good Book" there is a story of a man imprisoned for debt who begs to be let out. His creditor lets him out and the first thing he does is to go and throw the bloke that owes him money into jail. The message is pretty clear. It is human and understandable. It happens (a bit like the proverbial shit). But it is paradoxical and undesirable.

    There is no sustainable justification for oppressing people for their own good. The only "good" is for the oppressor. Now we like to externalise evil (terrorism being a perfect example) and it may be interpreted that the oppressor is laughing his socks off because he is greedily oppressing others for his own comfort. But that is never the whole story. What makes it possible for the likes of Mubarak to kid himself and a large proportion of the Egyptian population is that he gets some inner sense of moral credit for "looking after" this population. But if that were reality there would be no need to manufacture the perceived consequences of anarchy, chaos and suffering because if he were right that would happen for sure. But to "prove" that he is right he cannot take the risk that Egypt might be a better place with him deposed so he helps the hand of God by provoking the disaster he believes would happen without him.

    The bottom line as far as I can see is that if the result of freedom for the Egyptians is a more oppressive Islamic fundamentalist society then that will be entirely wrong in its own right. It will never have been a justification for treating people like shit just because it was predictable that they would act like it.

    Now I am left with one ponder. If humanity is shit should I hit the guy before he hits me so that I know I am alright? I guess I will never be able to answer that one for me. I don't and I so often wish I did.

    I suspect it is fear that begets the fearful. So I fear naught! (~tremble~)

  3. You should just carry on being you as you are intrinsically a good person. No shame in that old bean.

    Me? I don't think I'm necessarily a bad person...just a bit mouthy and cynical I suppose.