Friday, 11 February 2011

Egypt is the future of humanity.

Egypt is the new hub of the future of humanity.  The Egyptian people have excelled in their sophistication, their humanity, their sincerity and their resolve.  The Egyptian people have shown more integrity and civilised behaviour than the world even believed existed.  For millions of people to down tools and to protest against oppression and corruption and to remain peaceful against the most appalling attacks is a credit to the Egyptian people and humanity as a whole.

It seems that the thrust of the revolution is that deception, duplicity, self interested power and control are no longer acceptable.  It is ironic that these are the values of the western world and not normally attributed to the Arab people.  However it has been clear for years that the Arab people are more resistant to abuse than westerners.  It is perhaps precisely because they have been under more obvious and overt oppression.  It is ironic that the pro-democracy sentiments and the belief in truth and justice are identical to the projected values of the western world when it is the western world's deception and injustice which has effectively constructed the oppressive culture in the Middle East.

The truly historic and incredibly civilised behaviour of the protestors in Egypt is the way forward for humanity.  It is revealing and evidencing the obvious oppression in the Middle East and perhaps more significantly the insidious covert oppression and double standards of the western world.  The US and the UK (because that's where I live) are clearly running a political system full of duplicitous values,  double-speak and deception.  They have people illegitimately imprisoned and they indulge in torture whilst pretending to stand for human rights and respect and dignity for humans.

There was always a fear that the Middle East could erupt and there could be an Islamic revolution turning the world into a despotic and oppressive world.  But perhaps it is not Islam that is the enemy but rather extremists wherever they base their justification.  Christians have a history of incredible cruelty and Islam has managed to compete on that level quite well too.  But the Arab people are people first and they have been abused too much to the point that they virtually have nothing to lose.  In spite of that the people of Egypt are living out their beliefs in peaceful resistance and cooperation.  It would be entirely understandable if they had erupted into a violent assault on the regime but they have shown a collective belief and commitment to peaceful resistance which is almost unbelievable.

First this revolution has to complete and the Egyptians need more support from the rest of the world.  After that the crimes of the past must be addressed and redressed.  The likes of Mubarak and Suleiman must be held to account.  The $70 billion Mubarak has stolen from the Egyptians should simply be returned.  He has no legitimate claim to it.  It is only his by the rules and regulations of the corrupt economic system.  Then the rest of the world needs to address the more covert oppression and to rid the world of this ridiculous way of saying one thing and doing something entirely different.

Considering the recent history of the world it is possible that the people in the western world will begin to realise their part in supporting or even building this pyramid of oppression (pun not lost on the writer) for their own sense of security.  Although the American politicians and the Europeans like to polarise feelings with fear mongering words like terrorism the aggression shown to the West by the so called terrorists is a small fraction of the aggression and abuse applied by the Western world to the Arab peoples.  Consider the American response to WikiLeaks for revealing their lies.  They expect to be able to legitimately terrorise Julian Assange and to intimidate other people who would think of revealing the deception and abuse of the powers that be.  The Americans think they can simply designate WikiLeaks as a terrorist organisation and abuse them with impunity.  They cannot and they will ultimately be stopped.  This revolution in Egypt is the dawning of the good honest truthful responsible future of humanity.

Will they win or lose?  Good or Evil?  Which do we want?  Evil is so much more seductive and so much easier.  The beginning of the apocalypse, the final battle between good and evil.


  1. If Egypt is the future of humanity I hereby declare myself to be a's safer that way....even with 4 cats in the house...

  2. I take your point but if humanity is a decent thing then this is the start of a collective consciousness and those sorts of things are always painful. Think of the converse: Humanity is crap so keep up the oppression. I can't lose really. The thing is I see people acting their worst when they are abused and oppressed. Pedophiles are typically sexually abused children who have grown up.

  3. Very true. After what I discovered today (see my latest post) my faith in humanity, if not restored, has been tweeked in the right direction