Thursday, 3 February 2011

Nightmare in Tahrir Square

Last night thugs attacked the peaceful demonstrators in Tahrir square in Cairo creating a night long ordeal of terror resulting in at least 5 dead and well over 800 injured.

It was an appalling night in the history of Egypt.  But it was a victory for the Egyptian people and for freedom.  I am sure it marks the beginnings of the collapse of the Mubarak regime and the  destruction of despotic dictatorial oppressive regimes the world over.  Even the USA had to get a bit clear about the values they wish to be seen to hold.  There was little doubt (none in my mind) that the thugs who attacked the peaceful demonstrators in Liberation Square (correctly Tahrir Square) with knives, rocks, petrol bombs and eventually guns were a cowardly group of hired thugs and the Egyptian "Security" Police.  The Mubarak regime seems undoubtedly to have orchestrated the whole affair and there seems to be documentary evidence surfacing to support that claim.  See more at Nightmare in Liberation Square.

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