Sunday, 6 February 2011

Is the American Government a terrorist organisation?

So now on Saturday 5 February, the 12th day of serious unrest, after the US have reiterated time and time again that the oppression is unacceptable and the peoples' wishes should be respected, Frank Wisner, the American envoy to Egypt said "President Mubarak’s continued leadership is crucial – it’s his chance to write his own legacy".

What?  The American administration is playing a very dangerous and immoral game.  Mubarak is the architect of the oppressive and essentially dictatorial regime.  It is under his control that the security forces terrorised, murdered and injured the protestors whilst pretending it was not them.  The deception, the ruthless cruelty, the attempt to control by intimidation and force is appalling.  Terrorism is not only illegal according to the Americans but it is about the lowest of crimes.  On account of terrorism the Americans deem it acceptable to imprison people without trial (Bradley Manning, Guantanamo Bay etc.) for years.  But now they say one major terrorist, Hosni Mubarak, should stay in power.  You will forgive me for  getting a little confused here.  Are the American Government trying to let it be known, without actually saying so, that they are deceitful and duplicitous and actually unfit to govern.  The rational conclusion is that the American Government is simply a sophisticated Terrorist Organisation.

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  1. No! Of course they aren't! They're just a bunch of Yank politicians fucking everything up...just like ours do in Britain...and don't get me started on the French and Italians....

    Mind you....maybe we could nudge one of these suicide bomber characters towards Downing Street?

    Just a thought...I'll go back to my beer now...