Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mubarak: A crime against humanity!

Mubarak is causing a devastating crime against humanity.  It is quite clear to the entire world that this individual has stolen about $70 billion from the Egyptian people and has been ruling over them with ruthless oppression for many years causing massive hardship and suffering.

For him or his oligarchy to claim that the protestor are causing the chaos and hardship would be laughable except that many people in the world seem to swallow the utter nonsense without even chewing it.

The salient point is that the people have been pushed too far.  The meaning of this may not be understood by many.  When a rich and powerful individual suggests they have been pushed too far what they mean is that they are now mad and will take offensive action.  What the phrase means here is literal.  They have been pushed to the point that shooting them is no worse than their current situation.  They have no way to live.  They have been pushed over the edge.

For those commentators who ask the question "Will the revolution run out of steam?" they evidently do not grasp the reality.  It cannot run out of steam.  There is nowhere for these people to go.  Perhaps Mubarak and his cronies think these people are like them.  Perhaps they see a lot of people who have chosen to come out of their homes and to risk a bit of violence to get "more" dosh.  Perhaps Mubarak is judging people by his own perception and standards.  He seems to think that if he makes things worse for them they will give up.  They have nothing to give up.  The only option they had was to die without shouting about it.  They are now shouting about it.  The only problem with the economy is that Mubarak and his henchmen are losing some of their grotesque profits.  Mubarak doesn't seem to realise that these protestors do not have secure homes and jobs to retreat to.

Mubarak should not be tolerated by the world at large and all these diplomatic manoeuvres to avoid stating the obvious are just fanning the flames.  How can the US Administration make claims about the illegitimacy of the oppression and make mealy mouthed token comments that Mubarak should bring about change.  The terrible truth is that the American Administration acts as ruthlessly as Mubarak.  They play a dangerous game of faking a belief in humanitarian values whist relentlessly pursuing their own greedy objectives using the most ruthless and illegitimate methods themselves.  There is no excuse for their invasion of Iraq.  There is no excuse for their stealing all the remaining dollars in Iraq.  There is no excuse for keeping people for years in Guantanamo Bay without so much as a charge let alone a trial.  The USA and the UK and many other countries are simply playing a double standard game and winning at the moment.

Take a look at the attempts to silence Assange and WikiLeaks.  It is facetious to suggest WikiLeaks or Assange are responsible for the disgusting duplicity they are revealing to the world.  Take the latest revelation as I write that the Saudi Arabian oil reserves are over estimated by about 40%.  Some would say "shhh... if you let the world know there could be a crisis."  Er?  Doh!  It is a crisis but by keeping it secret you simply allow the rich oppressive controllers to shore up their defences and sit back and watch the rest of us starve to death.  Don't kid yourself you are not going to be supported by them.  And if you are close enough to the top to be supported bear in mind that that makes you a criminal too.  And I don't mean a criminal by law I mean a humanitarian criminal.

Fighting for peace is a non starter, oppressing people for freedom is contradictory, lying to protect the truth is paradoxical and "Good God" is an oxymoron.

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  1. I wonder if he'd lend me a couple of million? I want to save Oldham Athletic FC you of the more important world crises is Oldham Athletics financial difficulties....

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