Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What conspiracy?

So there I am, getting up and getting on with the world.  I dip into this and that and the other and before I know it my mind space is like my desk space and my room space; a complete jumbled mess.

Monsanto:  The first thing to note about Monsanto is that there is a scandal currently doing the rounds about their genetically modified wheat being found in non genetically modified wheat fields.  I recall from years ago that there was a lot of controversy about the potential uncontrollable consequences of their business activities.  The thing that strikes me most about these controversies is that the alarm bells ring when they illegitimately try to hush things up or falsely deny things that are clearly happening.  For me it is one of the under emphasized issues in all these protests/objections/conspiracy theories etcetera.  The facts are often unavailable and disputed but the overtly presumptuous and illegitimate denials beg the proverbial question "What exactly are they trying to hide?"  I encountered a little video on InfoWars where someone tried to upload a video to YouTube but when they entered the tag "Monsanto" the system mysteriously couldn't save the video.  It is worth a look:

Video streaming by Ustream
So often in these government enquiries or radio interviews I hear the defence that there is no 'evidence' that there is anything sinister going on.  Consequently the clandestine and insidious behaviour cannot be addressed and so it carries on.  Actually these people in responsible and influential positions have a duty to be open and responsive.  They have a 'responsibility' to address the issues raised.  Psychologically they are presented as an innocent victim who should be given the benefit of the doubt.  We are presented with the paradigm that anyone can make a mistake and it isn't their fault and they meant no harm and, indeed, one mention of a good motive seems to vindicate them and represent them as morally benign people who are being picked on.  But they are the ones calling the shots.  They are the ones in power with the money and influence.  And the reality is that when the little guy simply steps over the line he/she is guilty because they 'might' have been plotting to overthrow the world.

But as you can tell - I am not a journalist - and I am in danger of ranting.  So that is the bit about Monsanto.

Jew Bashing:  I also encountered a tweet from Stephen Fry ‏stating This is deeply disturbing … http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YTkD2BXzD2k#%25 so I went and watched the video.  Was I deeply disturbed?  No!  Do I believe the Jews should be exterminated?  No!  Do I think this guy, Alex Linder (who ironically looks remarkably stereotypically Jewish), is being deliberately controversial for his own aggrandisement?  Yes.  Where has Stephen Fry been if he hasn't seen tons of this stuff oozing out of every pore of the internet?  Why am I not disturbed?  Years ago I would have been but now I see billions of people all screaming their own perspectives of pain.  What I find worrying is that their distress seems understandable but they externalise it, personify it, and then want to kill anyone who looks like it as if that will address their sense of injustice and put things right in the world.  It seems that the thing to do is to destroy all the oppressors.  But that is what they are doing.  They are just winning (in their own subjective way) but if 'we' - the good guys - did the decent thing and killed them first wouldn't we just be them winning.  There has to be a more realistic and accurate solution to this and I think there is one.  It is too much to dive into just now but it is about being a little more accurate about what we judge as wrong, undesirable or unacceptable.  Abuse is abuse whether it is committed by a Jew or a Christian, a black or a white person, an athlete or an invalid or a Jehovah's Witness or a Scout leader or a priest or a politician or a banker, a butcher a baker or a candle stick maker.

The main thrust of that is that we have to stop the abuse and not keep siding with 'our' politicians, or 'our' religion, or 'our' sex or race or any other group identifier.  Something that springs to mind, of course, is the Bradley Manning trial which is currently in process.  The guy revealed a mass of illegal activity being perpetrated by the American government and military (and more) and he is being vindictively persecuted for revealing their 'secrets'.  We have to hold the American government (and all the others implicated in the leaks) to account for their illegitimate actions.  They MUST be stopped.

Then there is the Bilderberg Group:  Ha!  That's a good one.

It was not so many years ago, probably 5, that any suggestion that such a thing existed was laughed out of court as a ridiculous conspiracy theory.  Alex Jones, of Prison Planet and Info Wars fame, was significantly involved in exposing this extremely secret organisation.  It is frightening to realise that although the authorities worked hard to deny that such an organisation existed, when they were finally irrefutably exposed they put forward a pretence at a legitimacy to the whole thing.  Now when they don't tell the public that they are having the meetings we are supposed to accept that it is a good idea to keep these very important people safe from terrorists and those other undesirable characters that might disrupt the important affairs of the totally rich and influential do-gooders who are working hard in our interest to secure the globe and make it safe for us in spite of the terrorist and people like Alex Jones.

Unfortunately too many people will accept these projections.  I know this for many reasons not least of which being that I believed them myself years ago.  But something was wrong.  I couldn't put my finger on it and so I continued to 'think' about it and for years something was wrong but I couldn't figure it out.  It IS the distress.  It IS the repression as a consequence of the oppression.  It IS the fact that the authoritarians are self contradictory.  It is clearly ridiculous to suggest that you must kill people to maintain peace, that you must oppress people to protect freedom, that you must lie to people to maintain the truth and that you must benefit from people for their own good.  Even if you are tempted to 'understand' that we need an army to maintain peace or that we need someone with a stick to stop people being horrid to other people or that we need a hierarchy to maintain freedom - even if you think these things make a kind of sense you have to take a second look and acknowledge there is something contradictory about it all.  There is clearly something wrong even if you can't quite work it out.  It is called fear.  You have been threatened instead of supported, you have been hurt to show you what you shouldn't do and you have been lied to to protect you.  You have learnt (emotionally) that you 'need' this hierarchy because if you confront it it will not protect you - indeed IT will hurt you - and if you conform they are the nicest people in the world to you - well they would be so long as you continue to make yourself 'think like them'.  If our leaders (who should be serving us not ruling us) are so afraid of us that they hide behind immense security then they are clearly NOT looking after our interests.

For example check out these links from InfoWars:

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Amazon and Google chiefs join other corporate tax avoiders at annual Bilderberg confab

Bilderberg Ring of Steel

This is too big a subject for me at the moment but the fact that the members of the Bilderberg Group were quite willing to break international laws and national laws as if they are above them and that they were quite willing to lie through their teeth to deny that any such meetings were being held and then when they are exposed they simply change their story tells me that they are extremely dangerous and looking after themselves whatever it takes.

Do not be fooled.  Now that Alex Jones has exposed them and for the first time in their history they have a public relations department and a press office, do not for one moment be fooled into thinking we are getting somewhere.  Think about it.  What would you do in their position?  It is simple - you would continue with a facade.  You would make the current Bilderberg meetings legitimate and run a secret organisation behind it.  So now like complete suckers we will swallow what they ejaculate from the press office and, choking slightly, thank them for their honesty.

Be afraid!  Be very afraid!

And, you see, that is what I have to put up with in my life when I am already ill as a consequence of irresponsible authoritarian oppression.  When are we going to stop them?  Oh and PS here is a map showing the location of the Grove Hotel where the very secret Bilderberg Group is meeting from 6th to 9th June 2013 just to see if I can get Toxic Drums Blog taken down by the secret police in Britain.

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