Monday, 2 May 2011

Lies & more lies

I learnt something many years ago about liars.  People who lie will tell you they know something to be true and yet somehow it is up to you to prove them wrong.  But if you (a more truthful person) claim something is true it is up to you to prove to them that it is true.  When a person has repeatedly lied before, it is reasonable to consider that what they say could simply be a lie and it is not your responsibility to prove they are lying any more.  In fact if you have even a reasonable suspicion that they are lying it is reasonable to act on the basis that what they say is a lie because it is a feasible possibility.

There is no point in giving any credence to Colonel Gaddafi's claim that his son has been killed by NATO.  It is far more pragmatic to regard it as a lie until significant evidence to the contrary is produced.  Gaddafi is a habitual liar and so nothing can be gained by believing anything he says.  Even if Saif's body is produced it is no evidence of how he died.  Having seen the footage supposedly of the building blown up by a NATO attack in which Saif is said to have died it is clear that it is a fiction so why is the world still talking as if this nonsense has any substance?  The evidence is clear that he is lying and we wouldn't even need that evidence to be justified in that assumption.

And what of the report 'Gaddafi's son joins Libyan protesters' on Press TV dated 24 February 2011?  Convenient really that it is his rebel son who has died.  I guess he didn't want him any more anyway.  What me callous?  No, just realistic.

It is funny really that the Russians are choosing to believe this sort of nonsense simply because it suits their ambiguous position which allows them to maintain their objections to the NATO position.  The Russians are playing the cynical game of opposing the action in support of the rebels whilst not opposing the rebels.  That way it doesn't matter who gets the upper hand Russia can manipulate their stance to appear always in support of the winner.  Opportunism methinks.  But I guess the Russian hierarchy are quite familiar with feigning belief in fiction to alter the perception of history for their own benefit.  Putin is an unreliable egocentric megalomaniac.  And he is not a pleasant guy either.  Why do we put up with all this bullshit?

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  1. There are lies, damn lies and statistics....

    Statistically speaking it is highly probable that Gaddafi is lying...not that I put much stead by statistics...;-)