Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Integrated Children's System (ICS

The Integrated Children's System (ICS) is a piece of information technology (IT) developed to assist in the social welfare of children in the UK. It is a great idea and a great fiasco but it is still in place. A government report deemed the system "not fit for purpose" in 2008. Either on a common sense level or on a scientific interpersonal neurobiological level it is a malicious and dangerous piece of sprawling technology which only benefits Social Workers, the police, other quangos and of course the elite software development entrepreneurs. Read more at Toxic Drums ICS.
(God that was boring!)

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  1. Life was so much easier when we depended on pigeons.

    As a northerner I can say that....mainly cause some parts of the north still do....I know computers don't crap on you from a great height but they are far less reliable in my experience...