Sunday, 1 May 2011

Gaddafi's claim that NATO have killed his son seems a little spurious.

In addition to the post on Saif and the Princess Gaddafi's claim that NATO have killed his son and three grandchildren is looking more and more seriously dubious. The Libyan authorities have released footage ( that they claim is of the residential property that was targeted by NATO. This footage was available within an hour or so of the claimed attack. But the footage shows a lot of rubble and very settled dust. There is a shot of a polished wooden piece of furniture, as if to prove that this building was residential, with two books on it standing next to a very big blast hole in a wall. Anyone who has ever done a bit of building at home knows how all pervasive building dust is. If this attack happened within an hour of the film being released I don't imagine the dust would have settled. And strangely, although there is a little dust on the furniture, the colour of one of the books is clearly green. In fact there is very little dust on the furniture at all. There is not an amount of dust consistent with a missile destroying the house one hour earlier. Also all the filming inside the building where nothing is recognisable other than rubble there is no sign of fire, smoke, or even dust in the air. So I conclude the film is a fiction. If the film is a fiction it begs the question whether the claims about Saif Al-Arab Gaddafi and his three children are false too. Somebody is definitely lying.

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  1. I'm not lying! It was like that when I got there!!