Sunday, 22 May 2011


You can buy chocolate on the internet from any of these places.  I have munched my way through quite a lot of chocolate this morning.  I couldn't sleep.  That is very common.  I got one hour of sleep.  So I remembered I had some chocolate and wondered if it might help.  It sometimes does.  But it didn't.  I just got fatter.  That's a laugh.  I am like a shriveled stick with veins.  And they hurt.  The veins that is.  Which reminds me; Sam (the tree) is very ill.  He's losing all his leaves.  So I thought I would write more and more pages on the web site and on this blog if necessary mentioning chocolate in an attempt to get more traffic through my affiliate links to chocolate.  Maybe this is a bit of over kill.  I spoke to my father this morning.  That corpse that moves.  Well he started it.  He said "Good morning" in his arrogant way.  So I said, somewhat sarcastically "You're bright and cheerful this morning."  "As I usually am." he replied.  He's a bloody liar.  Anyway I decided to pursue this a bit further.  There was menace in my soul.  "Do you believe in free will?" I asked.  He had to ask what I meant.  "You know: Free will.  Like we have choices."  "It depends what you mean."  I am gasping with frustration at this point.  But I continued and referred to the long standing philosophical quandary of free will and determinism.  He said he didn't know what I was talking about.  I will remind the reader that he is an arrogant pretentious pseudo-intellectual pillock of society.  So I asked him if he knew what logic was.  He said he'd heard of it but couldn't say exactly what it was.  I wanted to hit him at this stage.  Anyway I explained that the question of free will and determinism is basically whether we have free choice or is everything determined in a Newtonian clockwork cause-effect kind of way.  "We are all products of our circumstances." he said.  What a bastard.  He is playing games.  Effectively because I can't see it.  He is moralistic and judgmental and Anglican.  He is horribly condescending and sanctimonious.  He is arrogant in the extreme.  And now he says we are all products of our environment because if he admits we have choice he admits we have culpability and he knows I will blame him for his cruel behaviour.  (In retaliation for all the blame and culpability he constantly heaps on me.)  He might then get another mug of coffee all over his right wing newspaper.  I am exaggerating my frustration because I am too exhausted to care really but he went on to say "I have been very lucky really."  At this point I realise he is coming back with an attack.  he goes on to say that if he hadn't been so lucky I wouldn't have existed.  I had to point out that was really nice for him and not so nice for me.  I left.  That bastard.  He acts all innocent to the point I almost believe he doesn't realise what he is doing.  But the evidence is in my face.  So I will have to plot something more devastating.  Don't forget the chocolate :)

(You can buy love hearts too!)

<-- Read the message on the can!  It's amazing how many people miss it :(


  1. I think our responses or free will as you call it is due more to our genetic make up than environmental factors. You'll note that different people respond to the same situation in different ways. That by it's very reasoning is what keeps humanity from going extinct.

  2. Hi Demeur - We might be at opposite ends of the spectrum. On the "Good & Evil"
    page I wrote "There is the nature versus nurture debate but that can be disposed of very quickly." The disposing being essentially that we are roughly carbon copies and the vast range of differences are evidently more environmental. I keep wanting to write a page on free will and determinism but it's one of those things I don't get around to.

  3. I know he's your dad mate...but leave him be.

    You need to. It will help your sanity.

    Trust me I'm from Oldham.

    I know these things.

    Be you and be proud.

    We are us and we need to be proud of who WE are.

    Be proud.

    I can say no more.

    Take care Drummer...and just be You eh?

    It can work.

    I know.