Thursday, 12 May 2011

Fukushima melts

"Fukushima Melt"  A delicious new chocolate that doesn't melt in the mouth.  This chocolate melts in the box before you even open it.  A new nuclear powered chocolate that will melt through the bottom of the box and any flimsy shelving and will creep across the floor and deliver the chocolate to wherever you least want it.  This modern advanced chocolate is the result of research done in the Fukushima plant in Japan.  Leading the world in nuclear derivatives Fukushima is also famous for its tsunami milk shakes and earthquake jelly.

That was the fictitious bit but you can buy delicious chocolates from Melt in the UK, The Chocolate Trading Company in the UK and Europe and even Vosges Haut-Chocolat in the US.  Or check out Toxic Drums extensive array of places to buy sweets and chocolates around the world at the Chocolate, Sweets and Candy page.

Now for the serious bit...

The disaster at Fukushima continues to get worse.  Now it is reported that the fuel rods in one reactor have melted causing serious leakage of highly radioactive water.  Although this disaster is dreadful in itself my concern is that these kinds of things are entirely predictable given the culture of competition and greed that is drowning the world.  Ever since I was a child I couldn't understand the contradictory messages from the authorities.  When I was a child it was my parents and the teachers.  It was often put down to me being silly or fussing about little things that don't matter.  But what I couldn't understand then and I still don't understand now is why, for example, our government can say one thing and be doing something entirely different and the debate distracts anyone from actually being responsible and doing something about it.

There is a view that it is not the thing that you do that is wrong but rather it is getting caught that is wrong.  With our punitive culture this is necessarily the result.  Being found out causes bad consequences to you and not being found out doesn't.  It is so obvious that I wonder about the sentient capacity of humanity.  Bullying is regarded as not acceptable in schools and yet they attempt to eradicate it by the teachers bullying instead.  What a ridiculously stupid thing to be doing.

There is a really simple and obvious solution to bullying.  Pay attention to both parties.  Give these new(ish) humans some serious respect.  Pay attention to them, listen to their view.  Don't do the very thing you object to but do the thing you pretend to know is right.  Don't try to judge and condemn and punish.  This is so evidently non-productive it is laughable.  I had the intuition when I was young, I have the personal experience now and there is also an abundance of research to prove it.  Stop this ridiculous punitive bullshit and start believing in humanity.  If making mistakes is such a bad thing the people who succeed in our culture are the ones who make the least mistakes.  This is so backward and self-destructive.  This is not creative.  This can only lead to the people with the most influence being the least connected and sensitive humans available.  This applies to politics, science, industry and business.  If the focus of attention is on not getting caught making a mistake then the focus of attention is not on doing things creatively and well.  Of course there will be some limited temporary benefits.  But like beating a donkey, it works to start with but soon all you have is a corpse.

The emperor is not actually wearing any clothes.  For God's sake wake up humanity.

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