Thursday, 5 May 2011

A fishy end to the bin Laden saga.

Obama says "We had done extensive DNA tests and were sure this was Osama bin Laden. "  This is going from bad to worse.  The more utter bull-s#!t they spew out in their attempt to cover one lie up with another is getting ridiculous.  I sometimes despair at humanity.  Why?  Because I am one and I know how easily we are fooled.  But please, Jo Public, don't "believe" this stuff just because you don't have an alternative explanation.  This stuff coming from the US about the alleged killing of bin Laden is insubstantial, unverifiable, contradictory and hardly feasible.  History clearly indicates that these kinds of events are rarely what they are purported to be at the time.  Why does the American Administration rely (sadly with some substantial evidence) on the gullibility of the people of the world?

They claim to have flown into Pakistan un-challenged, attacked a building right next door to the main Pakistan military academy, shot a few people including Osama who was armed (and then in another report was not armed) and they flew off with the body, dumped it in the sea with respect for Islamic beliefs (eh?) and are sure it was him because they did DNA tests.  Where and when did they get these tests done?

What I see is a bunch of powerful individuals concocting a scenario which suits their agenda.  For me it is irrelevant whether bin Laden was in that house and whether they killed him or not.  What is clear is that they are not being honest.  This is a concoction full of contradictions and fudges.  Given our observation of history it is clear what is going on.  This is a stage show and the question should be "why?".  Why are they doing this.  What are they up to?  I have some experience of pathological liars and the truth is floating like an invisible ether in the projection of the deception.  I can't see it because it is complex and I am not a political animal.  Actually I hate all these political manoeuvrings.  My only reason for being interested is because I am stuck in an attic, ill and watching all this bad behaviour on my computer.  I am close to destitute because of bad behaviour of other human beings.  It makes me mad to see how acceptable it appears to be to the common folk.  So many people just swallow it whole because they are caught up in the slavery of consumerism and oppression.  So long as they believe the projected reality they don't get troubled at work and they get to take their wages home to feather their own measly nest with reality shows, trash and political magic shows to distract them from the pain.

I've said things like this before and I'll say it again; this is a fiction being fed to the population.  I don't know what they think they are doing but two things are sure:  We will discover it was a lie in the end, and we will discover that it conveniently justified some otherwise unjustifiable action in the future.  I am waiting to see if this ultimately leads to an attack on Iran.  Why?  I don't know.  But they wanted to get into Afghanistan and Iraq and then Iran.  That was a plan before they started putting pressure on Afghanistan (previously their friends) and instigated the alliance between the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.  Funny how soon after that the World Trade Center came down and if you didn't know otherwise you wouldn't understand.  When the World Trade Center towers were attacked in an unbelievable sequence of events that were clearly interruptible it was odd how blind eyes and confusion appeared all over the place and the planes crashed into the towers.  Almost before the towers came down it was apparently obviously the work of Osama bin Laden.  It didn't take long for that to turn into an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.

They claim they won't show images because they don't want to fuel propaganda and retaliation.  That is simply rubbish.  If it suited them otherwise they would say that they wanted to set an example or to quash suggestions that it was not true.  It is as if they are suggesting that they are pandering to the enemies feelings.  It is counter to their professed stance on these matters.

It appears that the bin Laden story has come to a very fishy end.


  1. There is definitely something very fishy going on here and it's nowt to do with old Bin Liner being at the bottom of the sea....

    I think Mulder and Scully need to get involved...;-)

    Actually...I am starting to think that forces are at work that have bugger all to do with democracy.

    If Bin Liner is dead then great, he was a scumbag, but assassinating him when clearly he could have been captured and brought to real justice only make 'the West' as bad as Call Me Al Qaeda if you ask me....

    I thought WE were supposed to be the good guys?

  2. He isn't dead!!!!! Really!!!! I saw him in Hayes Town today!!!! He's running a fish and chip shop!!!!....

    ...oh...where's Kirsty MacColl when you need her?....oh...yeah...boat...propeller...damn it!

    RIP Kirsty...we loved you!