Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Osama bin Laden is NOT dead!

Oh dear.  Toxic Drums has got to admit to being a bit rash.  First off I explained all about the evident lies spewing forth from Gaddafi's mouth and media.  Then I went and posted about the death of Mr Osama (Usama, Usāmah) bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden as if it were true.  Then they dumped the body in the sea.  So how are they going to allow independent verification that they really did have poor old Osama in that body bag?

Then I started trying to piece the whole story together and I noticed a few more anomalies.  The US announced that no US servicemen lost their lives in the adventure.  And there were reports of the US losing a helicopter in Pakistan that night.  They responded by saying it had a mechanical failure and was not shot down.  Then it transpires the very same helicopter was seen to blow up over the mansion fortress that they were attacking to kill Obama Osama.  Hang on.  There were two helicopters used in the assault, one was seen to explode and the US admitted they lost one and yet no US servicemen died.  Well it is possible I guess but there is a noticeable lack of information making this a consistent and coherent story.  Then I find out more information about the mansion.  It was built some years ago and it has 18 foot high walls all around it and is heavily fortified and guarded with barbed wire on top of the surrounding walls.  It is in a restricted and secure area of the city where folk have to produce identification regularly.  It is right next door to a military training centre.  And yet no one knew who lived there?  This is sounding a little farfetched.  But even if all this were true it seems very odd that they should kill a few witnesses and announce that they have spirited Osama's body away to a ship.  They assure us they made extensive checks to ascertain that this really was the one and only unique Osama bin Laden and then the chucked him overboard.  Well, they say they treated the body with Islamic respect and chucked it overboard. Sploshette!

I think the US and the Saudis and the Pakistan hierarchy knew (or know) where Osama was (or is).  It is a clever trick used by authoritarian control freaks to maintain ignorance so that their lies have more credibility.  It is typical of these people to let it be known that they don't want to know "the details" so that it is perfectly "true" that they don't "know" where bin Laden is.  But right next door to a military training base?  No one asked who lived in this fortified mansion.  There is only one reason people don't ask questions like that and it is when it is made clear to them that they are not to ask.

Look - Can you imagine someone building a fortified mansion 300 yards from Buckingham Palace and no one showing the slightest interest in who is living behind the 18 foot walls with barbed wire on top?  Let's get real about this.  There is no way the story stands up.  It is dubious whether the Americans could have got two helicopters that far into Pakistan without encountering some resistance.  It is not so very likely that they could have actually attacked this guarded compound with two helicopters without some serious resistance.  It was constantly guarded by armed guards.  Who were they guarding it against?  "Oh look there are two very noisy helicopters approaching!  That won't be a problem.  I wonder if Santa Clause is paying a late visit?"

And if the US actually wanted people to believe the truth of their claims that they had killed the most wanted man by the US they would have gone to great lengths to prove it wouldn't they?  But they made up some story about respecting Islamic customs and chucked him off a boat.  Nonsense.  It is so ridiculous to expect anyone to believe it that it becomes unbelievable.  If I did something and I told people I did it, I might not care if they believed me or not.  So I kill a guy and I don't care if they believe me and I chuck him in the sea.  As a matter of information I tell them that I killed this guy.  They say "We don't believe you."  I say "I don't care - it is still true."  Fine if I don't care.  But politics is a different game and there is only one reason to capture or kill Osama bin Laden and that is that it be known that you have done it.  It is, therefore, inherently important to conjure up as much proof as possible. But they have disposed of the evidence.  This is not the action of a power that wants it to be known that they have killed the guy.  This is asking for doubt.  It is even a little incompetent if they are lying.  I would have imagined that they could have constructed a slightly more believable story.

So what is going on.  I wish I knew; Then my blog might become more famous.  But I am waiting to see if there are suddenly a lot of troublesome Al-Qaeda attacks and that for some reason the US will be able to suggest it is Iran who is fostering Al-Qaeda and so they had better invade them.  So far my reading of history and politics suggests the US is aching to invade Iran.  All the paperwork that predicted the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan suggests Iran is next on the list.  I don't pretend to understand quite how their minds work or why it is of interest to them but I know that many people seem to think it is on their agenda.  So let's wait and see.  If something like that happens you can bet your bottom dollar that this fiasco about killing Osama bin Laden will be banded about as part of the equation.  Then you might get the picture.  Then you might just begin to realise that politicians cannot be naive individuals doing just what they say they do or they would never be the ones in power in the first place.  The World Trade Center fiasco was not the simple case presented to the world's public and this farce about capturing a person who was probably already dead is not what it appears to be.

So I unreservedly apologise for suggesting this story might have had any more credence than the one about the US killing Gaddafi's son on Saturday 30 April 2011.

It is simply more entertainment whilst we amuse ourselves to death!

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  1. I suspect that, after several years of accidentally shooting British soldiers, we can be quietly confident that they've finally got around to shooting the bad guy.....even the Yanks have to get it right once in a couple of decades....

    I believe they took 'DNA' samples off the body to evidence it was Mr Bin Liner...although I have no idea when that bit of evidence will appear...but...BUT...

    ...even President 'Cough Cough' Obama - try clearing your throat and it sounds like 'BARRACK' - wouldn't make that announcement if he had any doubts they had shot the right bloke.

    They've enough experience of shooting the wrong people to know when they've got it right...

    As for the helicopter business...George Seagal has reliably informed me that no Navy Seals were lost in the operation although it is believed a Grey Seal may have inadvertantly drowned after getting stuck under a stray iceberg in the North Atlantic....

    ....which is not really relevent...unless you're a Grey Seal of course...