Monday, 9 May 2011

Bloody blogging

My life is so random I couldn't make it consistent if I tried.  What is consistency anyway?  Dada.  I found an interesting band called TALK TØ ANIMALS through some serendipitous connection on the internet and liked the stuff.  It is psycho pop industrial candy pepper.  What? You want official genres?  I would say "Fuck off" but I don't swear on my blog in case the morality police come and torture me and sever my intravenous internet connection.  I have also spent the last hour listening to Pere Ubu at it's good.  That is a short blog.


  1. had a listen...good stuff mate...enjoyed it..ta very much...

    Psychologically speaking...where am I? I really want to know?...;-)

  2. I seem to be getting into my real/honest/up front stride on my new blog incarnation.

    As a psychologist, is this a good thing?...;-)

    It feels good....even sober

  3. As a psychologist it is a really good thing. You will help your patients no end. As for the sober bit I have my doubts. Life is dangerous sober. Most people die sober you know. Most alcoholics die drunk (lucky bastards).