Saturday, 14 May 2011

Jesse Ventura

Respectable, strong, charismatic, intelligent, wrestler, actor, politician and conspiracy theorist.

Jesse Ventura is a person worth knowing. Formally one of those cuddly seals (the US navy ones that don't easily get clubbed to death) this guy is most famous perhaps for his professional wrestling persona Jesse "The Body" Ventura. He went on to act in films, write books, be Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Governor of Minnesota and is now involved in the vague Conspiracy Theorist stuff. I say vague because a lot of it is guff, some of it is double bluff by authorities and underneath it all are some very serious questions that need answers. More about him on Toxic Drums along with other interesting people.

HAARP is a very secret and potentially devastating project by the US government. This is Jesse's take on it:

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  1. A) Very worrying
    B) Not even vaguely surprising.

    ...which is a worry....