Sunday, 22 May 2011

Curiouser and curiouser!

So there has been a significant attack on the military navy air base in Karachi by the Taliban.  It is interesting that they are still calling them terrorists.  I thought when soldiers attacked soldiers it was called war and that is all sanitized and decent civilised behaviour with rules and codes of conduct.  It is not terrorism.  It couldn't be terrorism or the US and the UK would simply be terrorists and that couldn't possibly be the case because they are committed to defeating terrorism wherever it exists.

I have a little thought going on in my head and it is about who knew about Osama living in Pakistan.  Knowing how furtive and clandestine the US (and all other governments) are I wonder if Osama was "in hiding" by some agreement such that the "war" against terror could continue.  I am wondering if the US didn't break that little agreement by killing him.  For me this goes a long way to making more sense of all the different reactions from various countries especially Pakistan's reactions.  Had they not known Osama was there I think they would have shown more signs of surprise and more acceptance that their allies had found him.  Had they known he was there but be hiding that information from the US their reaction would have been a bit more ballistic.  If they knew that he was there and that the US knew he was there and they were all keeping it a secret they would be stuck in an impossible dilemma.  Surprise and agreement would have to be feigned and, er, um, anger at the transgression of sovereign territory would have to be feigned too.  Of course the Taliban would be furious at the double crossing Americans and would thrash about knowing that the Pakistanis were fools to have believed the US enough to not have hidden him better.  But, like all of us, the anger really reveals their anger at themselves.  And the Americans.  What about them?  If they thought the Pakistani's seriously didn't know about this guy would they have popped in and killed him like that?  Was the risk of Pakistan's reaction just a tad too great?  It just doesn't feel right.  But if they were treacherously ratting on the secret agreement then they would have confidence that Pakistan couldn't have a strong aggressive response.  Because they are tainted with guilt too.  Yes this is looking more plausible all the time.  Hence Pakistan waving it's fist around in feigned anger by saying it won't tolerate anything like this again.

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  1. We can't possibly understand the complications and that a word?.....and risks of government foreign policies.

    We are 'the little people' so what do we know?

    We know some'ats fishy here...and it ain't just Bin Liners body swimming with 'em....

    I will now rejoin the Proleteriat and drink more brain can't cope with much more of this...;-)