Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Artist Taxi Driver

In my usual odd way I was trying to think of a title for this blog but a straight up 'what it's about' title was the only thing possible.

Mark McGowan (The Artist Taxi Driver aka Chunky Mark) was born and bred in Peckham (Saaf London) and is a Performance Artist.  There was a theory in the Performance Art community in the 1970's that, in fact, Jesus was a Performance Artist.  I agree with that little gem.  I also feel that The Artist Taxi Driver is right up there with him.  Not the Jesus of the conventional hierarchical, authoritarian, Stockholm Syndrome, benign oppressor, Nazi sympathising, hypocritical, excessively abusive, organised religion Jesus - not that one - NO.  The Jesus that stood up against those perverted aberrations and called the Scribes and the Pharisees "sugar coated faecal matter" (in the language of his day of course - check out Mathew 23:27 if you wouldn't like to believe me).  The Jesus that cared about human values like love and compassion.  The thing about Performance Art is it not only removes the fourth wall but it removes the boundary between Art as a 'representation' of life and life itself.  So to be true to yourself and to perform your life with integrity IS art.  Life IS art and Art IS life.  The Artist Taxi Driver is genuine, compassionate, authentic and frighteningly REAL LIFE.

This is just an example of his work and it moved me to tears.

The funny thing is there is no amount of intellectual-babble changes a bully into a reasonable person.  There is NO question that the current policies of the UK Government are abusive, fascist, right wing, divisive, cruel, oppressive, unfair and unreasonable.  No amount of 'discussion' is going to change that.  In fact it has now got to the point that 'discussion' is part of their tactical armoury.  They carry on being bullies whilst the good people of this country are bogged down in 'intellectual discussions' about the injustice.  As if 'words' produce proof of injustice.

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