Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I can't let that pass!

BBC: Downing Street says 'go home' van ads are working

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This is disgusting.  This is a prime example of the debased level of this British government.  This is a bunch of bullies who have got away with so much they are believing their own propaganda.  Much as the infamous "In order to save the village we had to destroy it" is probably a misquote the fact remains that people are doing it all the time.  It is an example of how people suggest they mean one thing whilst in fact they mean something else.

The fact that (blood on their hands) "Downing Street" dare say these intimidatory vans are "working" just goes to show how far beyond the pale they have drifted.  This is insane and yet they don't even notice how ridiculous and incriminating this is.

They 'think' (obviously I hesitate to use that word because clearly they don't 'think' like most people) they are saying that they have a legitimate method of reducing the number of illegal immigrants in the UK and they have enacted it and it is working because someone might have left.  But on so many levels they are lying.  I encounter too much of this junk.

To put it simply to 'Downing Street': IF it is working you are simply admitting that you are fascist bullies.

How utterly stupid can these bullies be?  Well the really really frightening thing is that they are laughing their socks off because they are right.  They know they are bullies.  They are bullying hundreds of thousands of people in the UK.  They are getting away with it.  They knowingly say such things as that the 'go home' van ads are working to taunt.  "Knowingly" because they are deliberately winding people up in the full knowledge of the double meaning in the statement.  They pretend they are suggesting there is some legitimacy in the act.  But really they know full well they are stirring up racial fear and hatred.  They know they are acting viciously and THAT is what is working.

These things are working but not the way you are meant to think they mean.  They are working for them!  They (the politicians) are supposed to be working for us and they are NOT.  So when they say it is working they are lying because they are not working for US - they are working for themselves against the people of Britain.

The lie is not "that the vans are working" but in the 'a priory' (the un-questioned and assumed) fact that they (the politicians) are working "for" the population as opposed to "against" them.  On the assumption that the politicians (Downing Street - that sinister den of iniquity) are working in the interest of the British people then the vans are clearly NOT working.


Why the hell am I spending time explaining - to who - the obvious bull-shit in what the politicians are saying?  I know I could go off and spend years studying philosophy and sociology and linguistics and politics and I could write long academic tomes about the complexities of psychology and how we communicate but other people have done it and it won't improve things.  In fact if I do I am conspiring with their device because I become silent in my studies and out of reach in the complexity of what I then write so they GET AWAY WITH IT.  Which is all they actually care about.  There is no point, when you are being raped, considering the socio-economic consequences of mini-skirts.  GET THE FUCK OFF!

These politicians are evil.  That is clear.  It needs no explanation.  What it needs is people to WAKE UP.  If they are not hitting you today who do you think they are going to hit when the disabled and the poor are all dead?  NO I AM NOT BEING EXTREME - They are terrorising you with terrorism.  GO LOOK AT THE FIGURES.  Terrorists are NOT the people doing YOU harm.  The government IS doing you HARM.


And to end this rant I accuse the BBC of peddling the governments faecal paradigms.

PS the government IS acting illegally whether or not the judicial system will deal with it - FACT!

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