Thursday, 4 July 2013

Fantasy drama princesses bandits slavery pirates prostitution and violence.

I know of a person called Kiyoko Silvers who writes novels.  This is true because she has completed two and is well over half way through her third.  The first is called Blood of the Kavatha'dral and  is currently available as an eBook; it is definitely worth a read.  I say this because if you enjoy a good adventurous yarn involving princesses being captured by bandits and sold into slavery this book has it all.  It has so much more too.  I am not a big fan of fiction although I read it occasionally but I prefer philosophical and mathematical stuff.  This book, however, gripped me from the moment I started reading it.  It is not a weighty tome - about the same size as "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" - but it is packed with drama, adventure and significant insight into real life and real dilemmas.

Blood of the Kavatha'dral is about a pithy princess and her three prissy princess acquaintances.  Kess, the pithy protagonist, is brought up with a degree of self reliance and self defence.  At the age of five she is given a dagger as a present from her father and she learns to use it.  At the age of 17 she is out with three other princesses when they are set about by bandits and captured.  The story follows the four princesses as they cascade from one disaster to another.  As the adventures unfold so too do the characters of the princesses.

Kess, who's full title is Princess Kesshi Faikana, Storm Maiden of Valgate, is fearsome and generally impulsive;  The other three are, unfortunately, very  sheltered and naive.  They are, in the words of a bandit, 'Palace Brats'.  Kess is endlessly being tempted to desert them because they will not fight for themselves and she finds herself risking her life and liberty on account of their inabilities.  It is not feasible for Kess to single-handedly 'rescue' all of them so the question is whether the other's can learn to look after themselves in time or will they inadvertently lead to their own and possibly Kess' demise.  Will Kess have to desert any or all of them?

This book is certainly worth a read and Kiyoko Silvers is definitely an author to keep an eye on.

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