Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sue Marsh and the storm in my tea cup of life.

Now I am writing part blog after part blog.

Part of the problem is that the situation is unfolding at an ever increasing rate in front of my conceptual cortex.  For 10 years now my daughter and I have been sliding down the slippery slope into the rabbit hole.  It all started in a sleepy Oxfordshire village one afternoon when a man came knocking on the door to serve me with a court summons.  It was a bolt out of the blue and it was the beginning of something I still don't really understand.  In summary the wife had gone bonkers.  Sometimes when I tell people this, especially if they are bitter and twisted divorced men, they pour out there anger and resentment against women and ex-wives within a veil of sympathy.  But I am not concerned with the insanity of the ex-wife except insofar as it was the first vibration of what has unbelievably turned into a resonating cacophony of cultural insanity that is devouring our very being.

Year after year I have struggled to try to get back on my feet.  I have worked virtually every hour available and supported my daughter with every fibre of my existence.  But that was not enough.  Bit by bit, as the years crashed across our bows, we have taken on more water than we could bail and the ship of our lives has got lower in the water, more engulfed in the rising swell, slowed to an ineffective pace and begun to break apart with every new wave wrought against us.  It has been an unbelievable relentless decline.

So we are now housed in someone else's attic with no work and none available on enough money to buy food and little else.  There are no savings, no pension, no assets, no reserve.  And the aging owner of the house is not likely to last a year.  Then we are at the mercy of the storm and cast adrift without even a life boat or a piece of drift wood to cling to.

I sit at this computer browsing the internet and want to confront the savage assault that is being enacted on the more unfortunate population of this 'green and pleasant land'.  I see the wars abroad, the revolutions, the millions of people dying every day across the world and the stark reality as I see it is the inhumanity of ... humanity.  There is enough food to feed the world twice over.  There is enough energy for all.  There is more than enough work to do.  There is far more land mass than 7 billion people need to live on.  There is vastly more printed money than the world population could reasonably use.  And yet the majority of potentially majestic and magical humans are experiencing a life of pain and depravation that they would too often rather not have.

And then there is the latest assault in Britain on the British people.  The politicians have grasped all the money the bankers haven't stolen and the compulsion to get more is now driving them literally to take money from people who have none.  They put the young into hock with an education because there are no jobs and they withhold rent payments from people who cannot pay so that the forces of commerce drive the landlords to evict the tenants even when the landlords are the councils providing the rent.  Then they are going to have to demolish the houses because they cannot afford to keep them with no tenants.  To top it all they pay billions of pounds to a foreign IT company called Atos to set up a gate keeping charade to withhold subsistence from the population with no jobs and, of course, the sick.  The language is declining into feral, scroungers and vermin.  Many have seen the similarity with the breakdown of civilisation in Germany in the 1930's and there is more and more evidence of the insanity cascading across the internet.

The cruelty, the inhumanity, the ruthlessness, the vindictiveness are growing like genetically modified malicious mutant Triffids devouring any goodness or hope on this broken planet.  And the politicians blame the poor.

Then I came across Sue Marsh and a particular blog entitled "So How Am I?" where she briefly explains her current condition and what she refers to as "spoons" (which I believe comes from Christine Miserandino's spoon theory).  Sue has Crohn's Disease and Christine has Lupus.  I don't have any identifiable 'condition' but I knew exactly what she was talking about.  Fortunately I don't suffer the same severity but it so well describes how I struggle through each day.  And it turns out that in spite of Sue's profound difficulties she was one of the main contributors to the Spartacus Report.

I am clearly new to all of this because thousands of people have been shouting about the "welfare reforms" for years.  I am a perfect example of how, when it doesn't affect you directly, you just don't know about it.

I have to go to bed.



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