Monday, 29 July 2013

Bogus Delusional Robo-Signing Algobots

"Welcome to the Keiser Report. I'm Max Keiser. Hey last week in anti-counterfeiting rage across the world Interpol arrested 6,000 people and seized 133 million worth of fake goods. Not one of those arrested however was a central banker who had conjured up fictional national wealth by fiddling of QE buttons on a quantitative keyboard. Nor were any of those arrested spoof trading high frequency algobots generating fake liquidity with a very real front running. No banker or broker trafficking in bogus derivatives backed by delusional collateral. No naked short selling silver manipulator and not a single robo-signing mortgage forger. Nor a fake libor rate giving banker was seized by Interpol. No. It appears Interpol made the world safe from 133 million in fake shampoo - But failed to spot the trillions in sham financial transactions destabilising global labour currency and bond and equity markets. Ha ha!"

How does this man do it? All that without a significant pause for breath. And when transcribed, as above, remarkably without a mistake. The man speaks so fast (for my ears anyway) that it is hard to believe that he has got everything right. What is also remarkable about this man is that he is astute and honest. I am not imposing some moral standard on him such that he is metaphorically obliged to maintain some visage of truthfulness beyond his persona. - No - I am referring to the consistency of the information and constructs he communicates. He is reliably consistent. This implies he is not struggling to maintain some independent version or model of the truth inside his cerebellum. Unlike politicians, bankers and sycophantic pseudo journalists Max Keiser is looking to reality as his framework of reference thereby being closer to the truth than most. It may explain his speed of delivery too.

He also makes sense! I so struggle to listen to many reporters, interviewers and general media commentators because they are communicating through socially constructed paradigms which are profoundly corrupt in themselves. As a result he is highly educational. I probably gain more knowledge and insight from this man in half an hour than I get from days of reading or listening to garbage and tripe in the main stream media on the subject. So I offer you this entertaining educational fast paced Keiser Report for your delectation and sublime erotic enjoyment. And in the Keiser's words: Ha ha.

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