Tuesday, 30 July 2013

And they want to stop abuse!

The trouble with this country is that it is paradoxical.  Ever since the Jimmy Savile scandal I have been bothered with the sentimental attitude towards abuse.  I just don't see how a country built on abuse can effectively STOP abuse let alone detect it.

Our educational system is fundamentally abusive.  If you have ever been to a college of further education there is a chance that you have actually seen a bit or real education.  Education is a sharing of information in a conducive environment.  Training, on the other hand, is getting people to perform certain tricks.  That is fine for its own purposes and some training is very useful and fun.  But school is not about education it is about training.  And it is about conditioning.  It is based on something akin to the Stockholm Syndrome.  The fundamentals of our education system are based in John Calvin's ideas of indoctrination way back in the 16th century in Geneva. (Interestingly the Online Etymology Dictionary says "Calvinism and chauvinism are, etymologically, twins.")  This was then taken up by King Frederick the Great in Prussia around the beginning of the 19th century and evolved into the same schools that produced Adolf Hitler's SS and the infamous Gestapo in the middle of the 20th century.  A very good system of indoctrination that trains people to conform to the will of the state.

This may seem a little extreme if you are of a mind set to interpret the "education" you have received as benign.  But you were never given any choice and your parents were 'forced' to hand you over to state controlled indoctrination under penalty of imprisonment.  The tragedy of this is that there is no law in the UK that says you have to send your children to school.  But the authorities, who's responsibility it is to inform you of your responsibilities actually go one stage further than to hide this knowledge from you - they actually lie about it.  Education authorities, welfare officers and councils regularly state that you must send your children to school.  If you don't, they say, you can be imprisoned.  These are not lies by the authority (according to the them) because they are not telling you that it IS the law, enforceable by imprisonment, they are simply telling you that you could be sent to jail.  What they pretend they mean is that if you actively obstruct your child's access to an education then you can be imprisoned.  That IS the law.  You are at liberty to educate your child at home and there is no prescribed definition of 'education'.  Quite literally if you teach your children how to mow the lawn, feed the chickens, cook and play chess that is perfectly legal.  But 'they' don't want you to know that.  So they lie.  And that is just an example of the abuse.

At school children are intimidated into conforming.  They are not respected and treated with dignity.  Well... only in so far as they conform.  I don't need to spend acres of web space to explain how this is exactly the problem with the Stockholm Syndrome.  Of course you get treated well when you do what they dictate.  And your self-subjugation causes a profound sense of injustice, humiliation and resentment inside your psyche.  So you will resent other's who do not conform.  So you become a 'better' student for policing your peers.  It taps into, and abuses, peer pressure.  So you get affirmation and validation only when you are like them.  Out of the sausage machine come a stream of lookalike sausages.  There are some that are a bit misshapen but then they are marginalised and given lowly jobs and meagre pay.  So they still get what they want and someone to collect the garbage into the bargain.

And, as a lot of people understand, if you threaten people, telling them what to do, you are really teaching them how to threaten people to achieve objectives.  We live in a fundamentally abusive culture.  When the governments of the USA the UK have the reactions they do to whistle-blowers like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden it is clear evidence that although they pay lip service to the ideals of truth and justice they will slaughter anyone who reveals the fact that they are lying and being insanely unjust.  So how exactly can the authorities 'see' abuse?  They can't.  What they see is conformity to their desired construct.  Authoritarians invariable assume the 'authority' to be benign.  Think about it!  How could they be authoritarians and NOT believe that to be true?  The only alternative is for them to realise they are, by their own definition, evil.  (Yes I am sure one can think of exceptions but I am talking about the main stream.)

The thing is a bit Freudian in that the authoritarians so believe they are right that it somehow excuses their methods of maintaining what they 'think' is good.  So if you catch them out their focus of attention is on the fact that you are seemingly disarming them of their power to be good.  So you are obviously 'wrong'.  You question the teacher about the legitimacy of their unjust treatment of you or their contradictory demands and you get told you are 'rude' or a 'trouble maker'.  It is very rare that a teacher agrees that they are wrong and even more rare that they change their behaviour.  Of course when you bring up everyone through abusive schooling it is no surprise that the society is fundamentally abusive.

It is too easy to see a poor young middle class girl who has been raped by a hairy, ugly, middle aged, middle eastern man as a tragic victim when put like that.  But try being the victim.  You are sidelined, ostracised, sad, depressed, criticised, dirty, reluctant and THEN the social services will say that your enforced sleeping with aberrant ne'er-do-wells for sweets and alcohol is a "lifestyle choice".  This is precisely what they said of girls in the Rochdale abuse scandal.  The thing is they simply cannot 'see' abuse when it is staring them in the face.

So what does the gentleman in the picture at the top of this post think of himself?

He is a fully grown man and he gives his time and his body to an authority who require him to subjugate his identity under a nice uniform.  Then they send him out to protect a megalomaniac business trying to rape and destroy the countryside for massive profits at the expense of the locals from some seriously concerned citizens.  One of whom is a female with red hair.  But he is quite willing to abusively wrestle her to the ground because he is a big strong man.  I think not.  He is fundamentally a sad coward with no self respect or integrity.  He is quite obviously being abusive.  There is no way he had to fight the woman to defend anything that was good from her destructive power.  What's more he was not fighting a battle he could in any way lose.  He was not risking anything of his own in the pursuit of justice.  No.  He was only risking his job and his money if he didn't do what his bosses require of him.  You know - it is really sad that so many jerks are willing to desecrate life itself in this way.  It is so easy to see what Jesus was objecting to.  Not much has changed in 2000 years.

I was brought up to respect the police.  I used to respect them.  Now - all I see is jumped up fascist pigs.  It took me long enough.

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