Monday, 8 July 2013

Twitching cadavers in the government

Here are two people (Iain Duncan Smith and Benito Mussolini) who have been in positions of power.  First of all can you tell which is which?  And second I propose a mind experiment:  Dispose of all you know about these two people and just pretend you only have the photo to go on.  Now imagine you have a beautiful daughter and she must marry one of them.  Which one would you choose?  The one with passion or the angry little man?  It says a lot about how bad Briton is at the moment - and the funny thing is it is still getting worse.

The trouble is we are getting worse even than Germany in its Nazi era and Italy in its Fascist era.  The only thing we really have to worry about is what to call the American/British/European era.  The New World Order doesn't sound quite bad enough.

Today I read: The Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman (General Martin E. Dempsey) says NSA leaker Edward Snowden's disclosures about U.S. surveillance programs have undermined U.S. relationships with other countries and affected what he calls "the importance of trust." (in The Huffington Post)

Now what is wrong with people?  The only way it has 'undermined' relationships is because it has revealed the depths of their treachery.  There is no suggestion that the US treachery may be the cause of their 'undermined' relationships - only that they have been discovered.  Does no one understand that this is insane?  Does no one notice?  Why am I wasting my time writing this since it is so self evident the only people who will understand this already know it.  The rest cannot know it because they are clearly as insane as the American hierarchy.

It is quite clear that General Martin E. Dempsey is an evil man.  (He is Catholic too - par for the course if current scandals are anything to go by.)  But on the subject of 'evil', Dempsey is clearly self contradictory and, as such, evil.  Not everything which is self contradictory is evil but contradictory moral actions which destroy others is reasonably defined as evil.  Jesus had a lot to say about this and I can vouch for the fact that he didn't have much truck for the likes of Dempsey.

But why - oh why - are we putting up with such trite and desperately cruel treachery from the people we 'elect' to govern?

And the funny thing is it is just as bad over the pond here in Britain.  All the politicians are merging under the influence of some external malevolence.  There is no difference between the parties any more.  With the UK debt at a ridiculous rate of growth unprecedented in history the rhetoric about austerity to reduce the deficit is a disconnected, meaningless, manipulative, oppressive and divisive charade.  You can check up the figures yourself but the 'deficit' is only the shortfall in what should be paid each month and what is paid on the massive debt.  Reducing the deficit does nothing about the increasing borrowing and the scale of the debt.  It is like not quite being able to pay the 'minimum payment' due on your credit card (which I agree is serious enough) with your left hand whilst borrowing massively with your right hand.

A simple thing to bear in mind is that there is enough resource and wealth in the UK to support 60 million people comfortably.  I am not advocating equality here but the reason so many are dying and suffering is down to bad distribution.  The bankers, industrialists and politicians have all the money.  So they take a little more from the poor.

So I am very distressed by the rapid decline into cruel Dickensian moralistic judgemental detritus.  If we don't remove the twitching cadavers in the government and the banks they will infect all of us.  We will become the living dead.  Sounding a bit dramatic?  You ain't seen nothing yet!

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