Saturday, 27 July 2013

Cameron wants the Tooth Fairy money



David Cameron is beyond the pale.  I found the picture above (on fookbase) and tried to discover if it were a complete spoof or if there had been a blunder, a mistake or was it real.  With my sleuth like investigative powers I began drilling that cyber mine that is the internet for binary data and discovered the only other source of the image.  It appeared on a web site called  POLITICAL SCRAPBOOK  on 6 October 2010 with an article entitled:


The Political Scrapbook appears to be a satirical spoof site.  It appears that the story was prompted by (and quotes from) an article on that dreadful website the 'Mail Online' entitled "David Cameron tells Britain: 'Your country needs you' (not least the little girl who sent him her £1 tooth fairy money to help clear the deficit)".  Of course what really happened was that David got a lot of kudos from publicising the fact that a sweet little girl sent him her Tooth Fairy money and, of course, oh how so 'OF COURSE', he sent it back.

And here lies the really dreadful evil.  Like a bestial bishop who sodomises little boys is going to pat them affectionately on the head in public, David Cameron knows too well that it is important to keep the victims ignorant of his real intentions. 

BUT:  David Cameron quite specifically DOES want your children's Tooth Fairy money.

 And I am NOT joking. 

Let me tell you a little story which is absolutely true.  I have a friend (that friend of a friend friend) who could be me but even if it were I wouldn't incriminate myself by admitting it. (How does one actually state that they are the person in question without making it legally evidence against them?) (Not that I want to Mr Judge Tugitoff please sir forgive me I'll go and iron my hands now.)  Oh shit I'll admit it - it happened to me!  And F*** the lot of them and their oppressive judgemental prying intimidatory illegitimate cruel inhumane sinister fascist ways.

It went like this:  I have a daughter and I am on benefits.  (I am more than happy to earn a living but as 2 million people understand  - if there is no work there is no work - why does one even have to say this?)  So there I am on benefits and I give a meagre sum to my daughter each week for pocket money.  I can't afford it but as some parents understand some of us really want our children to be okay even if we suffer for it.

I'll get off my bitter and twisted attic man's hate horse and start again.

We are in dire straits financially and I am a single parent of a single child.  So I give £3 a week pocket money to my daughter out of my 'benefit' money.  When she is forced through circumstances (basically getting older in an inhumane society) to claim sick benefit I mistakenly tell the truth to the phone application person.  To my UTTER DISBELIEF they deducted the £3 a week from her sick pay!  The way I got around it (and it took many months and four letters) was to explain to them that I had been mistaken and her pocket money had stopped prior to her 18th birthday.  Eventually they put the £3 a week back on and repaid the previously deducted money.

But consider this:  I had to LIE to them!  I had to tell them that she DIDN'T get £3 a week pocket money from my benefit.  THEY TAKE YOUR POCKET MONEY!  It seems to follow that if your child gets £1 from the Tooth Fairy you are legally obliged (under threat of imprisonment for fraud) to declare that to the DWP who WILL deduct it from any benefit.

It is so sad that they use moral value to oppress others whilst not applying them to themselves.


Jesus said "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness." [Mathew 23:27 (1611 King James Bible)]

Modern parlance:


Twitching cadavers

The walking dead

Evil personified

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