Tuesday, 9 July 2013

"I am going to shoot somebody!"

DISCLAIMER:  I really don't mean any of the following.  It is fiction - really.

"I am going to shoot somebody!"

Whew - That is the sort of thing you can't say on your blog.  Well unfortunately it is a quote from somebody else.  So I couldn't possibly mean it to represent something I think.  Does this defence sound a little like a fear of the "thought police" in Nineteen Eighty-Four .  Well that is because it is getting that serious.

A prime example of the ridiculous insanity that now pervades our society is the case of Sally Bercow outlined in an article entitled "Sally Bercow Settles Lord McAlpine 'Innocent Face' Tweet Libel Case For Mystery Sum".  Even the Huffington Post seems to swallow the story whole instead of ridiculing it.  It seems the people of this country (and many others) are losing their grip on sanity.  There is NOTHING illegal about Sally Bercow's tweet.  What she typed was "Why is Lord McAlpine trending? *Innocent face*"  From this Mr Justice Tugendhat (what a name - or is that deformation as well - yes I know it is usually defamation but I was joking - but this is how silly it gets) claimed that it meant Lord McAlpine was a paedophile who was guilty of sexually abusing boys living in care.  To do this case serious intellectual justice would take a long time but there is NO case to answer.

Here is a hypothesis (just to make it clear that this is only a 'theory' lest anyone wants to abuse me legally, financially, emotionally or in any other conceivable way):  What is really going on is that Sally Bercow is the wife of John Bercow who is the current Speaker of the House of Commons and who is a decidedly right wing individual.  I won't fill this blog with an explanation but you can take a look at the Wikipedia entry for starters.  Sally, it appears, was attacked (Legal Abuse) by an emotionally 'distressed' Lord McAlpine (Does he have 'emotional' problems? - Well the answer is yes.  But is that defamatory or libellous or even slanderous - since one can say "I said on my blog..."?  And the reason I can say he does is the same double-speak that these authoritarian, chauvinistic, egocentric, control freaks use because I can mean it to mean he has an emotional problem which is Sally Bercow.) and, with the threat of 'serious repercussions' she apologised and offered a financial settlement.  McAlpine was clearly not satisfied with that and pursued her some more.  The judge was clearly playing some perverse game, possibly (Only a hypothetical possibility you understand - not a 'real' possibility. (Can there even be a difference?) (This is probably getting too intellectually convoluted for you lot.) he was part of the same paedophile ring as Lord McAlpine and needed to swot this little bug good and proper lest anyone else started making innuendoes or allusions.

I do just have to qualify here that I am not suggesting the paedophile ring which included Judge Tugendhat and Lord McAlpine actually existed.  I am doing no more than Judge Tugenhat when he said "it meant Lord McAlpine was a paedophile".  What he should have said was that it was meant to mean that Lord McAlpine was a paedophile.  But hey - who's splitting hairs over such an inconsequential matter.  Maybe the journalist simply misreported it.  One thing that nasty (only a hypothesis) Baroness Neville-Jones would (did) attest to is that being governments or institutions they "can't be malicious".  Apparently they just might make mistakes but they are never deliberately malicious.  What a load of... dare I say it... oh go on... bullshit!

The nasty little authoritarian bullies are obviously getting scared when they have to take someone to court for a tweet saying (reading?) "Why is Lord McAlpine trending? *Innocent face*" and better still they have to find the individual GUILTY of libel.

AND - Can you believe this?  The article reports:

Speaking for Lord McAlpine, Andrew Reid of RMPI Solicitors said he was pleased with the judge's finding that the tweet was highly defamatory.

"The apologies previously received from Mrs Bercow did not concede that her tweet was defamatory. Clearly, she must now accept this fact.

"The failure of Mrs Bercow to admit that her tweet was defamatory caused considerable unnecessary pain and suffering to Lord McAlpine and his family over the past six months.

Since when have these arrogant, ruthlessly cruel, self important people suddenly got the monopoly on feelings?  The poor people being chucked out of their houses by Iain Duncan "Mussolini" Smith and his cronies aren't allowed to have 'feelings'  The fact that they are committing suicide in their droves is their own silly fault.  For what it is worth my opinion is that even IF Lord McAlpine has not been found guilty of being a paedophile (as Judge Tugithard seems to think) I now have my suspicions given his pathetic attempt to 'prove' his innocence.

I have rarely seen such a grubby public display of Freudian exposure.

Ha ha ha ha ha Judge Tugitoff - Make something of that if you can!  Eeeek.

Something else I'd like to say is that the USA are spying on us.  Now I guess I had better go on the run to Russia or Ecuador or Venezuela.  Maybe if I just stay in Britain and start mixing with the immigrants no one will be able to find me.

All of the above is simply sarcastic, ironic, satire meant to illustrate the ridiculousness of even attempting to suggest there is anything wrong with the government, the legal system, the hierarchy, the Lords, the Queen or anybody else who is rich and important in this country called Great Britain which I freely admit is theirs and not mine and I have no right to be here and I'm really sorry and where did I put the iron because I have to go iron my hands now and I'd like to apologise in advance to Dobby because no offense was intended and I will trap my fingers in the wardrobe door several times tonight to save anyone the effort of doing so.  And could I apologise on behalf of those horrid Jews in the second world war who caused the Gestapo to scuff their shiny leather boots on their grubby skulls.

This bit is the only non dramatic artistic expression intended for consenting adults only:


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