Thursday, 28 July 2011

WTC Crosstrovercy

These humans they really can be funny.  I don't mean that disrespectfully you understand.  Some of my best friends are human.

A group of atheists in America , the American Atheists, have filed a lawsuit against, amongst others, the City of New York objecting to the installation in the 9/11 Memorial and Museum of the symbolic cross from the site of Ground Zero.  The cross is made from a couple of girders found in the rubble of the twin tower collapse.  It was erected on the Ground Zero site in 2006 and was moved to its new permanent  home on Saturday 23 July 2011.

What has actually happened is that the real God, that is the God of Numerology and other related profundities (may all his camels have baby camels), has tried to give us a clue in the very date humans decided to have the World Trade Center disaster.  The date, in English, 11 September 2001, is represented by the funny Americans as 9/11.  The reason for this is that the 9 represents the Islamic crescent.  It is curved like the crescent but notice the profound perversion as it is curled in on itself at the top.  The 11 represents the Christian cross.  It is broken into its constituent parts of two planks.  The slash between the two numerical symbols represents destruction, hence the name of the symbol 'slash'.  It's what you do to break, deface, or disfigure something.  So from numerological meaning to linguistic representation it reads "Perverse Islam destroys broken Christianity".  I thought it was so obvious at the time that I didn't realise how many humans had not got it.

There is more profundity in the event.  For example, the fact that the buildings were called the World Trade Center was not a coincidence.  The powers that exist (may all their fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite them), in their infinite wisdom, caused humans to call them that because the acronym WTC actually represents the vast array of religious beliefs by randomly picking three (the holy number) namely Wiccan, Taoism and Catholicism.  It is so obvious.

Memes hey?  Some people dismiss memes as ethereal or not real.  Simply ideas and not connected to the real physical world.  But thoughts are, like speed and gravity, exactly the 'real world'.  You can't pick up a piece of speed and cut it in half.  Well you can actually but let's not go there; That's just different meanings of words.  And anyway you might just cut it with one bit slightly bigger than the other depending upon who you are sharing it with.  Oh heck, just thinking about speed and I've started writing faster.  You'd better speed up your reading to keep up with me.  Yo!  Here I go.  The thing about memes is that they are the emergent behaviour of the complex neurological networks which are our brains.  It all happens with real molecules in the real world.  The effects that we perceive are assimilated into conceptual analogies of the world as we know it.  It is all a complex feedback model.  But memes are real and they could not affect the real world if they were not real themselves.  Speed kills people as we know.  In different ways but it does.  Speed is real, gravity is real and memes are real.  Religions are memes.  They are ways of interpreting the world and they are old and clunky.  They are inaccurate and past their use by date.  They might be a way for a small group of cowards to avoid facing their fears but with the scale of complex intercommunication in the world today they can no longer claim innocence of their erroneous nature and the damage they do.

I fully accept that folk can try out any interpretation of reality they choose.  But what is not reasonable is for one group to utilise the collective resources for their own set of beliefs without due respect for other people's point of view.  It just ain't fair.  If they forcibly do it then it is called oppression and oppression is abuse.  (If they are Muslims it's called terrorism.)  America is not Christian.  There are Christians in America but there are also Taoists, Wiccans and Catholics, as the WTC was meant to illustrate.  This is partly what a 'secular' society is supposed to be about.  Whether it is right or wrong the original American Constitution is specifically and intentionally secular.

It is one thing to inadvertently put a cross up at Ground Zero because you think it is a nice idea but it is another to forcibly persist when it is made clear how contradictory and offensive it is to other people.  There are numerous (numerology again!) solutions to this issue but just arguing for the cross to remain there to play for time so that the reality is that it remains there is offensive action against others and is a crime that should be redressed with compensation.  So for every day that it remains the City of New York should be fined a huge sum of money.  Money being their true religion, if it 'cost' them, they would soon remove it.

I would also like to ask the people who favour ideas like Christianity how they think it makes sense to honour an omnipotent God who killed 2,752 humans?  Just a question.

And I found this image (on the left) on the Mail Online web site (I'm not pinching it because it is fair use as part of our cultural heritage and I am only questioning its content and I'm giving the original huge picture credit and the Mail Online and providing a link to the original!).  I wonder if anyone can explain the two tennis balls placed at the base of the cross (enlarged, without symbollock meaning, by me underneath the original photo).  Are they some sort of mystical symbol representing Christ's testicles?  I don't mean to be rude but I was just wondering if this is some sort of reference to the testosteronal nature of Christianity.  Is it because God is male?  Are they the God's bollocks?

Hey ho! What a funny bunch they really are.  You can't help loving them though because they are so cute (not the bollocks - the humans).


  1. Baseball is a religion for some humans so i believe they should keep the cross Up just to rub It in for those lawsuit happy lost souls that still hace a chance to turn from their evil ways and staighten out their lives.

    However many people worship money and since you say there should be a seperate Church and state in our secular Government and also since they cant seem to quit blowing It i believe they should give It to me...____

  2. I read a book once called 'Straight and Crooked Thinking' by Robert H Thouless. I'm darned sure I don't know why that just came to mind.

    Oh yes - straightening out their crooked lives. What? By playing Baseball? These Americans are funny bunch. I like your last idea. I will write to the President and see if he might see his way to giving you all the American money. Oops! I forgot. They haven't got any left have they. Damn. Did you see my letter to the Prime Minister? You'll understand it's all redacted (a modern term). It got results anyway :)

    Keep well you rogue.

  3. Seeing as how all our money has "In god we trust" on it I'm sure they'd be more than happy to part with those religious symbols they all carry in their wallets. Wouldn't want to be associated with some god if you're an atheist now would you?